Hidden Features within an Intranet or Collaboration Tool

 Hidden Features of an Intranet or Collaboration Tool

Gamification – This is a one-of-a-kind feature that helps drive employee satisfaction and engagement by awarding badges based on employee activity and contribution to the organization. This feature creates friendly competition and highlights top influencers and contributors. Gamification is another great feature which at times gets misconstrued with unhealthy competition and hence is deactivated or underused.

Deep File Search – This feature enhances employee productivity. It allows you to search for files by title keywords but also to search by using keywords found within documents and files. These files include all Microsoft Office and PDF documents that can be inside archives or compressed files.

Analytic’s – This is one function that organizations should take the most advantage of, but unfortunately, most organization don’t. MangoApps provides visibility into processes, interactions, and engagement. This feature lets you view dollars saved per month and the productivity time saved per employee. Analytics is calculated based on the activity of the user on the platform. Employees can also view where their content reaches and gauge where sentiment and overall impact has been the highest. Analytics, in many cases, is an added feature and other intranet options make you pay for it.

Directory – A Feature that is available on most collaboration software’s but not to the extent found on MangoApps. The Employee Directory Feature, lets you search for an employee by; name, department, location, expertise and interest. MangoApps adds to this by showing you the various tasks an employee is working on, latest posts and activities as well. Which gives you an overall insight into an employee’s job role and latest communications, this helps with big enterprises as you can search for people.

Guest User – A function that is available in most collaboration tools, but which is limited or incurs an additional cost. The ability to invite guest users, which could be a vendor or a customer to your platform to communicate and collaborate with them. Without the requirement to access internal communication, is a very helpful feature. One which is not utilized to the fullest by users.

File & Form Sharing Most organizations and employees are still unaware of this valuable, collaboration tool function. This feature is not available on all the major collaboration software. MangoApps has made these paper-based forms electronic and accessible via your intranet, so you can save valuable employee time, as well as improve the accuracy of information. It’s the perfect tool to collect any information inside and outside your company.

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