3 Reasons Why People Still Struggle With Successful Web Collaboration

Why do people have a hard time collaborating? Is it because of a lack of concrete definition? Or because web collaboration can cross multiple disciplines? Maybe because web collaboration means something different to everyone. Or perhaps people just don’t see how it aligns with their daily activities or what purpose it serves. However, if you step back from definitions and application and look at human nature, it might just be how we are wired that can make web collaboration difficult.  Here are three reasons we have found for why people seem to have a tough time with successful web collaboration.

It’s Outside the Comfort Zone

For most people change is intimidating and even scary. Change can mean more work, less time, and more stress. Even good change can cause anxiety and some of our most stressful situations come from what would be considered happy changes. When we are anxious or worried we tend to do what is familiar, and revert back to a certain style of doing things, to our so called comfort zone.  With sharing at the core of successful web collaboration, we are pushing the boundaries of that comfort zone and that change is often resisted.

It Looks Like a Distraction

In today’s world, everything has to be instant. We expect to get in the fast lane, put the pedal to the metal and get to our destination quicker than anyone else. We are being asked to do more with less, and often we equate that with simply going faster. We don’t recognize the potential collaboration has to make our work better and more effective. To improve our technique and achieve more with less struggle and effort. Instead, we get stuck in the mindset of improvement coming only from increased speed. With this mentality, collaboration becomes something that will just slow us down, instead of something that can get us where we want to go safer.

We Worry About Control

It’s only natural to feel safest when you are in complete control. As anyone what has been a part of a bad group project can tell you, there is a real risk to opening up and allowing the input and collaboration of others. It seems like it would be easier and safer to just do it on your own. Collaboration becomes something that forces you into a group project that you think you can do better on your own. However, in a well staffed, efficient and functional company, it is often this worry and resistance to web collaboration that prevents us from discovering real success.

While there are certainly other more technical barriers and struggles that exist, at the core resistance is more about hesitation and behavior and less about technology. But just like any new form of technology or communication, trust and experience are essential to breaking down reservations and creating the skills necessary for regular successful web collaboration.