5 Ways Incorporating Collaboration Software Will Get Email Under Control

get email under control

Managing email today is like playing a bad game of red light green light. Every time you turn your back it gets a little bit closer until finally, it overtakes you. So what are companies supposed to do? How can employees communicate effectively without creating an overwhelming inbox? The honest answer is, don’t use email at all. Or at least reduce its influence in the office environment. We want to introduce you to email’s primary replacement, collaboration software. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to completely do without email and to an extent, it will probably be around for a long time, but incorporating team and company collaboration tools into the workplace will help employees increase productivity, strengthen company culture and finally get email under control.

Multiple Communication Methods

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what exactly is a meme worth? Humans have always been visually inclined, but memes, gifs, infographics, Instagram, Snapchat and endless other forms of image sharing make it easy to see just how pervasive image-based communication has become. Visual communication is more engaging, easier to understand and honestly just the direction of the modern world. In fact, some research estimates that 84% of communication that takes place in 2018 will be visual. Collaboration software has adapted and been built around this modern method of communication and allows coworkers and employers to talk in any style. Whether that is traditional typography, images, video or voice calls, coworkers and teams can easily work together in ways that are almost impossible using email.

Easy to Follow Conversations

In stark contrast to the wordy mess that email quickly becomes, team collaboration tools are visually organized, making it easy to keep track of and understand communication. News feeds, updates and comments all include easy to distinguish timestamps, names and photos so following and contributing to a conversation is simple and intuitive. Collaboration software removes the frustration of digging through old emails, trying to find the most recent version and having to trace back group messages to see who said what when. No matter who or how many people you need to talk to, collaboration software is designed to help everyone get email under control by making communication happen visually and quickly and providing a seamless transition between real-time chats, new feed updates, team projects, event planning and more.

Insights Become Action Items

Verbification is the linguistic act of changing a noun into a verb. Humans, especially in our current culture, naturally perform verbificaiton when an idea becomes an action. If you’ve ever said texted, Googling, friended or Skyping than you have participated in verbification. Collaboration software helps users increase their own verbification in a functional rather than linguistical way, by making it easy to turn thoughts and ideas into actions. Comments, update and instant messages in collaboration software can instantly be turned into calendar events, to-do-list items and team projects all within the software. Turing thoughts and concepts into action items as they occur helps projects move from theoretical ideas to practical application faster and ensures that innovations and ideas don’t get lost in email clutter.

Simplified Content Sharing

Email is designed to send written messages back and forth, it is electronic mail. Collaboration tools, on the other hand, are created to help companies, teams, and organizations work better together. Part of this effort includes emails and messaging but collaboration software allows users to share much more than just messages. Users can upload, store, edit and share documents, files, photos, wikis, events and all kinds of other information. Coworkers can also gain important insights and brainstorm new ideas with their peers through polls, surveys, and space set aside just for creative collaboration. Many team collaboration tools like MangoApps let users integrate Microsoft products and other programs right into the software as well, making updates and collaborative teamwork almost effortless and ensuring employees can get email under control.

Organized and Accessible Info

Perhaps the best way that collaboration tools help get email under control is by keeping content in a systematic, organized and searchable centralized location. Recent research has discovered that modern knowledge workers spent about 2.5 hours or about 30% of their work day just searching for job-related information. Making important work information accessible and easy to find saves time and irritation during the day and lets employees quickly and independently find what they need and get back to work. Having up-to-date information on hand also breaks down communication barriers between departments and helps employees utilize relevant company information regardless of what department it originated in.

Just like the telegraph, the carrier pigeon and all of its other predecessors, email as a method of business communication in on its way out the door. Team collaboration tools allow workers to get email under control by increasing effective work and making it easier to communicate, comprehend and take action. At MangoApps, our company and team collaboration tools revolutionize business communication, letting businesses find their natural strengths and intrinsic success. Schedule a demo and learn more about our tools today.