Finding Benefits In Employee Dashboards

Finding Benefits In Employee Dashboards

One of the biggest hurdles everyday employees face is taking the time and energy to track down resources and relevant information. In fact, hours are spent every week just trying to get the content you need to successfully accomplish tasks. But accessing information doesn’t have to be a burden. In our newest article, we’ll take a look at just a few of time and frustration saving benefits companies can experience with employee dashboards.

A Centralized Space

Employee dashboards are the first thing workers see when logging in to their company intranet, and for good reason. Dashboards house all of your most used and important content in one easy to navigate area, giving you access to all of your resources and information at a glance. Whether you’re trying to check the progress of a project or just navigate to another area, dashboards are the centralized space employees need to keep work effective, productive, and organized.

Layouts To Love

Employee dashboards are designed to make work easier and more intuitive for employees, so it only makes sense that they should be customizable to fit personal preferences. Employees can design their individual dashboard to include all of the most beneficial widgets for their specific needs, and then outline and organize those widgets in whatever size and space makes the most sense to help them get work done and stay successful.

Locked In Content

Dashboards also give employers the ability to lock certain widgets onto their employee’s dashboards, ensuring everyone always has access to the most important tools. Locked content means that while employees can rearrange where and how a specific widget appears, it can’t be removed from their dashboard. This is a great way to give employers peace of mind and make sure that no one is missing out on crucial content.

Every Kind Of Information

Dashboards even give you the freedom to add whatever kind of content will best help you. Dashboard widgets include both static, or unchanging content, like forms and short cuts, and dynamic, or changing content, like notifications and company news. Having both types of information readily available truly enables employee dashboards to be the one-stop access area for updated and important information.

Work From Anywhere

With mobile-friendly digital dashboards, employees have the freedom to work from anywhere. Dashboards are updated instantly and accessible anywhere with internet access, allowing workers to see and utilize even the most recent information on a desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or any other type of smart device. Dashboards make remote and frontline work truly easy and a real possibility for almost every kind of employee.

With dedicated employee dashboards in your work environment, workers finally have the opportunity to use one quick, easy, efficient, and centralized space. At MangoApps, we work with companies of every kind to create a holistic digital experience. To learn more about employee dashboards or to see MangoApps at work in your own organization, contact us or schedule a personalized demo today.