Improve, Grow and Evolve Your Industry with MangoApps

During my most recent trip to the Smithsonian Zoo I sat through an excellent presentation about animals in the wild. During his talk, the zoo guide mentioned several fascinating points about how human-environment differs from that of animals. One point that stood out to me specifically was the idea of tool available to us. The tools available to humans are evolving every day and enabling us to perform tasks that we never have before and perform existing jobs better, faster and cheaper. Just think how we communicated, traveled and even consumed information even just ten years ago. The world around us is constantly changing and in order to keep up, you have to evolve your industry.

evolve your industry The constant evolution of tools is what fuels our growth, makes more efficient, and shapes our very lives. The Internet, cell phones and other common tools that we take for granted today are all possible because of our constant pursuit of creating better tools. Progress is what we all wake up for and get excited about every day. Over the last 10 – 15 years, the way we do business has evolved, but businesses have been slow to update their communication and collaboration toolsets. This is incredibly dangerous for businesses, it is critical to evolve your industry and stay up to date and relevant in the world. Enterprise 2.0 and business collaboration tools have become the next iteration of communication and collaboration and are the answer to that needed evolution.

Enterprise 2.0 was created by the fundamental shift in how we inform, collaborate and execute at work. This change was created by a shift from push to pull based communication paradigm (also called closed to open or platform vs. channel-centric) popularized by Facebook, Twitter and the general rise of social media. This shift in our personal lives has transformed the way we communicate and stay in touch with our personal social networks. In our work lives, because of the context and purpose a business provides, this shift is even more important. Just like no longer use a nine keypad phone to communicate, all businesses will soon graduate to using the Enterprise 2.0 tool sets. It is not a matter of if, but when. The sooner you evolve your industry and deploy these new tools, the sooner they can take advantage of them and get a leg up the on competition.

Nature tells us that the choice is simple – evolve or become extinct. History tells us that humans are excellent at adapting and evolving. What will you choose? The sooner you update your tool set the sooner you can take advantage of the benefits the next generation of business tools bring. Give us a try at MangoApps. We will be happy to assist you as you evaluate your evolutionary options.