Mid-Market Companies

Top 3 Enterprise Social Network Requirements For Mid-Market Companies

Mid-market companies have specific needs when it comes to deploying enterprise social networking. These needs are often overlooked and not addressed by large vendors. To large vendors, they are small fish. However, smaller vendors are seeking to address this need and are focusing specifically on enterprise social networking for mid-market companies. Here are the top 3 most common “deal breakers” for mid-market companies when selecting an enterprise social networking solution.


Highly sensitive conversations and files are shared over a company’s enterprise social network. Therefore security is always the #1 criteria. Mid-market companies are not always comfortable with multi-tenant cloud solutions. They require a higher level of security a single-tenant private cloud solution where servers are dedicated and reserved for their data only. Many of these companies also need on-premise deployments, choosing to host the data internally, inside their company firewall. The data and files are just too sensitive to allow in the cloud. An on-premise deployment gives the company full control over the security of their enterprise social network, and it can even be fully disconnected from the Internet if needed.


Enterprise social networking solutions are becoming better every day. However, the needs of mid-market companies can be complicated, and it’s rare to find a vendor that satisfies 100% of a company’s requirements out-of-the-box. Most of these companies will need some amount of customizations to meet all of their needs. Large enterprises are used to having vendors build custom solutions according to their specific needs. But most vendors expect mid-market companies to accept their solution as is. The multi-tenant ESN vendors offer the same product to all customers, and as a result, are not able to provide specific customizations for individual clients. Other vendors, such as MangoApps, are willing to offer customizations to mid-market companies, ensuring each client receives an enterprise social network that satisfies all of their needs.


While price may be a non-factor with large enterprises, it is still important to mid-market companies. Most of these companies depend on reducing costs wherever possible and scrutinize every investment. Mid-market companies are looking for enterprise social networking solutions that offer pricing flexibility, and protect them from buying more licenses than they need.

MangoApps specializes in serving the enterprise social networking needs of mid-market companies (50 – 5,000 employees). We offer all deployment options (multi-tenant SaaS, single-tenant SaaS, and on-premise) and our professional services team provides customizations and custom integrations for individual clients. MangoApps has also to lead the charge in driving costs down for mid-market companies, by providing multiple licensing options including annual subscription, perpetual, and active user based licensing options.