6 Tips To Drive Social Intranet Enterprise Software Adoption

According to a study done by the Sand Hill Group and Neochange, the most critical factor for software success and return-on-investment is effective user adoption. The groups conducted a survey in 2009 which incorporated the views and opinions of 353 IT buyers and software executives. Of that group over 70% listed user implementation as the most important factor for software’s success. Software functionality came in at 16% surprisingly, with organization change at 7% and process alignment at 6%, this is a remarkable result.

In general, an organization cannot successfully launch an enterprise social Intranet network or a Collaboration Platform company-wide without carefully considering the best way to roll it out. Here are few tips you can use to ensure you get the most out of your enterprise social network & improve the success of your initiative.

Tip 1. Set clear success expectations from employees for the software adoption

Although setting expectations for a new social intranet enterprise software upgrade are one of the most basic rules, many organizations fail to do this crucial step effectively. Setting expectations first requires planning. The more time you invest on the front end, the more efficient your roll-out will be. The second component of setting expectations requires communication. For your employees, the expectations from a new Intranet/Collaboration tool must be clear and understandable, or they will quickly become disengaged. Clear communication will let people know what is expected of them; it also lets others know what is planned & helps in achieving measurable objectives for your activities. Remember, when you communicate a change in advance, change is more easily received.

Tip 2. Define and measure success metrics to drive social intranet enterprise software implementation

Development of key value indicators and other metrics that measure an Intranet Collaboration solution’s success should be determined and agreed upon in advance. Once identified, progress for each specific parameter must be measured at pre-specified intervals. The movement towards each goal must be communicated at regular intervals, and corrective actions should be taken if progress goals are not met. Refer to the article for tips on measuring success in your enterprise social Intranet & Collaboration platform.

Tip 3. Continuously monitor effective usage by employees on the enterprise intranet software

The number one key performance indicator for value realization is effective user adoption of the intranet software. By increasing the end user implementation rate and the degree of effective usage of the solution, companies will experience significant returns on their investments. Continuous monitoring on the intranet will identify when additional intervention is required. Also, leaders must lead by example by using the collaboration tool to the fullest. By walking the talk, you become a person others want to follow.

Tip 4. Incentivize adoption for using the Social Enterprise software

Simple contests can be a powerful catalyst in helping end users overcome any fear or apathy related to and new social intranet software. Refer for some examples of contests & engagement activities you can run on your enterprise Intranet collaboration tool.

Tip 5. Determine to what degree Collaboration tools enable effective usage

Traditionally the majority of operating investments are focused on new features, implementation services, and ongoing technical support. While these areas are all important, they do not enable effective usage. According to Charlene Li (founder of the IT research firm Altimeter Group), one of the keys to making a business case for enterprise social intranet is to stop thinking about it as a technology deployment. A deployment focused on implementation and usage; instead, look at an ESN platform as a means of fostering new ways to communicate and forge relationships with other employees.

Support champions who would act as agents of change & can drive social business initiatives, they are the people who see things a little differently and know there is a more social approach to operating business as usual.

Tip 6. Develop and lead a partner eco-system that enables success

Software providers cannot possibly solve all of their customer’s effective user adoption problems alone. Even so, Collaboration software vendors can bring together business domain expertise, industry specialists, and organizational change management competence to help their customers deliver greater business results.

To find out more about social enterprise intranet software success, download a complimentary copy of the full report by Sand Hill Group and Neochange on “Achieving Enterprise Software Success.”

While these tips may not be exhaustive, let us know what has worked for you in helping you achieve the goals for your roll-out in comments below.