Engaging Employees With Compelling Intranet Content

Engaging Employees With Compelling Intranet Content

Unlike their limited predecessors, modern company intranets actually have the ability to centralize communication and collaboration across an organization. From document storing and sharing to instant messaging to group and project workspaces, intranets today are truly the inclusive and intuitive tool every office needs. But even the best tools are only successful if used effectively. For company intranets to reach their full potential, organizations first have to outfit them with high-quality, engaging content. In our newest article, we’ll outline just a few ideas to help your company start creating compelling intranet content every employee will enjoy.

Choose The Right Platform

The first, and probably most important step in creating captivating content, is making sure you start with the right program. While there are dozens of different intranet providers available on the market, it’s essential to take a moment beforehand to consider your organization’s unique needs. While every company works a little differently, most businesses benefit from an intranet provider that offers an intuitive environment, mobile capabilities, picture, video, and file sharing, interactive polls and quizzes, third party integrations, and the ability to enable or disable features as needed.

Keep It Short and Sweet

The average employee is bombarded daily by emails, announcements, meetings, conference calls, and all kinds of extra interruptions. The last thing busy, time-strapped employees need is another distraction from their daily tasks. A successful and engaging content strategy should integrate naturally and work in tandem with an employee’s everyday schedule. One of the best ways employers can help that happen is by keeping content clear, precise, and to the point. Intranet content doesn’t have to be dry and boring, but it also shouldn’t distract or discourage employees. With interactive and instant intranet communication, it’s much easier to opt for short, digestible messages over longer, time-consuming contact.

Don’t Forget The Fun

Engaging company employees means finding the balance between business and fun, both on your intranet and offline. While intranets have the amazing ability to simplify, important work information, they also give coworkers a unique opportunity to socialize and get to know each other. With engaging questions, interactive surveys, integrated gifs and memes, dedicated group spaces, much more easily accessible, having fun fits perfectly into every work environment. Take some time to find out what interests your employees and create something for them to enjoy within their own enterprise social network.

Create An Open Environment

Besides having fun and improving the work experience, employee engagement also means having workers who comfortably and confidently share their thoughts, ideas, and opinions. By creating inviting intranet content, employees not only have the opportunity to interact and share but also feel inspired and encouraged to do so. When employees know their thoughts are valued, respected, and even encouraged, they feel trusted and supported by their company and businesses similarly benefit from everyone’s shared experiences. Create content that invites engagement by asking questions, enabling comments, and establishing a culture where employees know their feedback and opinions are always appreciated.

Creating content for an organization’s intranet doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little forethought and a bit of practice, anyone can produce compelling intranet content sure to interest and engaged employees. At MangoApp, we pride ourselves not only on producing exceptional company intranet platforms but also on helping our clients make the most of their products every step of the way. To learn more about engaging employee content or to see MangoApps in action, contact us or schedule a personalized demo today.