Notifications in Collaboration Software

Real-time notifications update you immediately when the things that matter most to you occur. Without distracting you from getting your work done. A user can customize notifications in MangoApps company intranet & collaboration software to see what works best for them. We, of course, recommend choosing preferences which help you concentrate on your work, without missing anything important. Customize Your News Feeds Classifying your news feeds into primary and secondary is the first step in customizing MangoApps with what content is considered important. The primary vs the less important secondary

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Let the Game Begin! Introducing Gamification to Reward and Encourage Your Employees with MangoApps

MangoApps Collaboration Software Launches Gamification Gamification is the concept of applying game-design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging. (Gamification Wiki, 2012) Games are already an integral part of our daily lives where people appreciate the feeling of earning points and rewards with an element of fun. MangoApps takes these enjoyable aspects of games – fun, play and challenge – and applies them to your daily activities on MangoApps collaboration software & social intranet domain with

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MangoApps and Email – Working Together To Help You!

Not everyone in your company may be logging in everyday to communicate on MangoApps. If you’re a user who logs into MangoApps, then you’re probably familiar with juggling MangoApps and email, just to communicate with everyone in your company. This back-and-forth between an open/project communication platform (MangoApps) and a private communication tool (email) restricts information flow, reduces productivity, makes you less effective and quite simply makes work just a little bit harder. We here at MangoApps believe that you shouldn’t

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Workplace Culture, Employee Engagement, and 3 Blogs We Love

Workplace Culture, Employee Engagement Matters

Workplace culture is hard to define — even though we work in one throughout the day. Any workplace with a  “good” culture has a way of life that involves the right amount of employee enthusiasm clubbed with a solid work ethic. The first step to building a great culture starts with tackling employee enthusiasm/engagement. If you’re wondering if workplace culture is really as BIG a deal as it’s made out to be — take a look at these statistics and you’ll see

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Social Enterprise Intranet Software – 5 secrets to a successful deployments

Social enterprise Intranet software deployments are in a  phase of rapid growth. MangoApps is working with companies in all imaginable industries ranging from 5 to 50,000 helping transform the way they collaborate within departments employees for their company. In our experience, the following 5 simple secrets to successful social enterprise Intranet software deployments apply no matter the size or industry of the company. 1. Get early adopters and leaders to be regular users and set examples of how others can

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Secure Document Management System with File sharing Within your Team Collaboration or Social Intranet

Companies across the globe agree that their people are their greatest assets. One of the core tasks knowledge workers do as part of their daily work is produce collateral that captures knowledge (what, why and how) in the form of documents then shares them through secure file transfers. Hundreds of thousands of hours are spent every year creating these valuable documents. Do you have a proper document management system to for secure document sharing? These documents (produced using all sorts of tools) contain nuggets of gold essential for continued operation and evolution of a business.

Collaborative software tools help you break down the silos

Although most businesses are organized around functional lines (and optimized so that information flows top to down along functional lines), project execution almost always requires cross-functional and department team collaboration. The diagram below illustrates major communication relationships (high-level view of how information flows..not all communication paths are shown) across organizations or groups within a software company. Some variation of this applies to all enterprises, and thus need collaborative software tools. This cooperative team communication and collaboration today primarily happens over email

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The social collaboration tools we use should lead us to use the best company team collaboration tools

The social collaboration tools we use should lead us to use the best company team collaboration tools In our personal life, since we have joined Facebook and Twitter, sending emails to friends and family has dwindled to a point of a rarity. But we are far better connected now than we ever were before, and at times we feel like we know more than we need to about each and every one of them :). We are able to easily find & share

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Tasks and Project Now in MangoApps Team Collaboration Software & Social Intranet

Shared Tasks

MangoApps adds Tasks and Project to its Employee Team Collaboration Software & Social Intranet Product MangoApps delivers the missing ingredients to its Team Collaboration Tool & Social Intranet Tasks and Project will make the Intranet business software truly effective for employee communication. MangoAppSuite seamlessly combines social Intranet networking with enterprise-grade Instant Messaging to enable open and immediate employee communication and collaboration. Seattle, WA March 13, 2010 — MangoApp, a provider of real-time messaging and collaboration solutions, today announced the availability

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Social Intranet Business Software Unveiled by MangoApps – Press Release

mangoapps team collaboration software and social itnranet

MangoApps launches the first social Intranet business software that combines Enterprise Microblogging with enterprise-grade Instant Messaging MangoSpring MangoApps delivers the missing ingredient to make social Intranet business software truly effective for business communication. MangoApps seamlessly combines enterprise social networking with enterprise-grade Instant Messaging to enable open and immediate communication. SEATTLE, WA (PRWEB) February 15, 2010 – MangoApps, a smart set of communication and Social Intranet Business Software tools to boost daily productivity. This is the first product to seamlessly integrate

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