HR Excellence Award for Most Effective Internal Communication


effective internal communication


MangoApps is thrilled that client, Superdrug, has won the 2017 HR Excellence Award for Most Effective Use of Internal Communications. The HR Excellence Awards are recognized across the UK as the benchmark of HR excellence and annually attract the UK’s most talented HR companies, teams, and individuals. To be considered for such an award is truly exceptional, let alone winning one. Superdrug’s intranet, known to users as The Hub, was described by the judges as being a successful “mix between Twitter and Facebook.” Judges also praised the MangoApps’s powered, app-based intranet for its innovative approach, ambitious use of tech, clear vision and of course, effective internal communication.

When Superdrug first reached out to MangoApps in 2016, their goal was to provide all of their employees with an easy to access platform for engagement, collaboration, learning, and community. They wanted to help employees connect better with each other, learn together, celebrate victories and ultimately provide a feeling of inclusion and invoke the support and brand loyalty they work so hard to achieve from their customers every day. Working together with the tools and resources available at MangoApps and the dedication and commitment of the Superdrug team an inclusive, communication driven and award-winning intranet was born.

Judges at the HR Excellence Award praised The Hub for its effective internal communication through the use of positive, helpful and constructive feedback for both upper management and everyday employees. Superdrug managers and other decision-makers regularly use the intranet as a platform to take polls and surveys or ask employee opinions about potential company changes or ideas. These ideas could be anything from a new product design to updated employee policies.

As employees are able to offer insight and suggestions to upcoming decisions, they gain a larger understanding of company functions and goals as well as feel more connected and that they are contributing to the business and its decisions. Employers, in turn, are able to gain valuable insight into changes and ultimately make better decisions.

Another impressive element of The Hub is its ability to expand employee networks, both socially and professionally. Superdrug employees through the intranet can easily connect with coworkers in other branches with the same or similar responsibilities. This interconnection allows employees to learn from each other’s experience, brainstorm together about potential problems, and come up with more effective solutions. Through this communication process, coworkers and colleagues have also been able to build new social relationships that would have been impossible before. Creating friends in other branches strengthens company culture and employee engagement and make conferences and company activities more exciting, as people have a chance to meet up with online friends in person.

Judges also highlighted The Hub’s ability to offer online learning in areas of both personal and professional development. At the time of the award, more than 150,000 online employee courses had been completed by everyone from sales advisors to senior management. By providing easy to access learning and advancement opportunities to employees at any level, Superdrug promotes increased employee engagement and industry learning and encourages a company culture of continuous education and improvement at every stage. As Superdrug employees continue to learn and develop their skills within the industry they are able to work better with their peers, particularly in other departments as they gain a better understanding of roles and responsibilities throughout the entire company.

Superdrug’s most important asset, however, is its ability to provide employees with a sense of belonging and family. Superdrug serves as the perfect example of how an effective communication and collaboration tool, like MangoApps based intranet, paired with a strong company ready to create change, can build up and bolster an entire company culture. Employees at Superdrug are more interconnected and close-knit than ever, both within their local teams and throughout the entire company. With that increased interconnectivity has come a greater sense of corporate identity and brand loyalty and as a natural consequence stronger commitment, improved work ethic, and greater overall productivity.

Superdrug estimates that just over 70% of their employees use and benefit from their intranet on a regular basis. Here at MangoApps, we are so excited for their outstanding work, effective internal communication, and well-deserved HR Excellence Award. We look forward to our continuing work with Superdrug and helping them excel every day. To see how MangoApps can help your business improve or create its own effective internal communication, contact us for a demo today.