Benefits & Features of a Task Management Collaboration Software

Task Management Collaboration Software

The explosion of industries, organizations across the world has meant that departments have started working together across the globe on collaboration portals and Intranets and employees have begun working cross-departments on multiple projects. Employees have started taking up wider roles across the organization which makes the “to-do lists” even bigger. Post-chits and notepads are a thing of the past, very insecure and completely unorganized, with no reminders or notifications it spells disaster for an employee and an organization on the

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7 best ways to increase Team Collaboration within your workplace

Organizations are finding it increasingly challenging to raise or maintain team collaboration within a department across the workplace. The challenge is getting team members to know each other better, to have team members thrive on each other for success, to increase communication within departments and employees. These challenges keep evolving with expanding offices across locations, departments, languages and cultures. It is a natural evolution of advanced technologies, where evolving teams no longer see the importance to collaborate, and it decreases. This

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MangoApps Collaboration & Intranet Software Reviews through Customers

MangoApps Collaboration & Intranet Software Reviews through Customers

MangoApps Collaboration & Intranet Software Review by Customers  As part of a product development process at MangoApps, they continually ask their customers for MangoApps reviews and feedback regarding which capabilities they want most.  Many of the new features in the quarterly releases are a direct result of requests from current clients.  Client feedback is like gold, and they read and listen intently to each and every one. Rather than keeping this feedback themselves ourselves, they have shared what current users

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The Best SharePoint Integration by ECS

SharePoint is a leader in Enterprise Content Management platform space.  However the best SharePoint integration offerings by Enterprise Collaboration Software (ECS) leaders MangoApps, Yammer, and Jive raise the bar on productivity when the two are used together. But what should we be looking for in the best SharePoint integration by an ECS?  There are a few to consider so we will go through them one by one. The Best SharePoint Integration Points to Ponder Does your ECN offer Single Sign On

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What is cloud computing? Answers for Non-Techies

what cloud computing really means

Working at a SaaS vendor, I often assume my work terminology is easily understood by friends and family. I was reminded by my own family that this is not the case.  When the topic of cloud computing came up while visiting my parents I realized my dad didn’t know what is cloud computing, even though he already uses it everyday. He admittedly didn’t even really understand what I do here at MangoApps. That got me thinking that maybe if more

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Web Based Collaboration Tools in the January Release Notes for MangoApps

January has brought us many new updates to our set of collaboration tools. MangoApps has seen plenty of updates to truly make this the best small business software for web collaboration on the market today. With this update we have added a new plan called 'Copper' that allows small companies with 3 or more users the ability to afford a paid domain. We have also helped bridge the gap between our shared saas software accounts by allowing domains to sign up for 1 additional user at a time. We want to be your small business software of choice. Let's take a look at some of the features in this latest release. If you would like a more detailed explanation of any of these features, or would like to know more about single tenant or on premise versions of MangoApps, please contact us at to set up a live web demonstration.

Online Task Manager – Greater productivity with fewer meetings

Using an online task manager is a great way to achieve greater productivity with fewer meetings. Who doesn't love the idea of fewer meetings? With a globally dispersed workforce a web based task manager is essential for staying organized and keeping everyone on the same page. With MangoTasks web task manager, you can facilitate greater productivity with out wasting work time in meetings. Task management software also restores the productivity of meetings because team members will be more informed and able to spend less time "catching up".

Task Management Tool – 5 Ways to Create A Detailed Project Schedule

Collaboration tools are some of the most important elements of small business software. Online task management software offers solutions to the common question of how to best manage tasks. Afterall, if you can't manage tasks and projects effectively and efficiently, their is increased risk for poor communication, poor use of employee expertise and resources, over spending and worst of all - failed project and task management. Therefore, using a task management tool is essential for businesses. Using a task management tool allows you to create detailed project and task schedules and help track the life cycle of each task to see it from ideas to action to completion.

Web Based Collaboration Tools – MangoApps 2.0

MangoApps Web Based Collaboration Tools MangoApps 2.0 team collaboration software tools introduces the flexible new Modular Subscription Model. Organizations are now empowered to build custom web based collaboration tools packages of just the MangoApps modules that fit with your organizational workflow. MangoTalk MangoTalk is the most popular small business software that brings social networking software and online instant messaging to your business. Improve productivity by keeping everyone informed and up to date with employee status updates. Instantly move from public Enterprise activity feed communication

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