Assigning Project Tasks with Milestones – Customer Use Case

Today’s customer use case comes from Jason at Ebonexus.  We were trying to figure out a workaround for assigning project tasks to several project members for their own customer deployments. He refers to them as “New Site Creations” where several tasks needed to be handled by multiple project team members. My first thought was to use the project templates for each new customer, but since the customers were not going to be involved in these tasks, it didn’t make sense to go that route. Here is what we figured out instead.

Assigning Project Tasks in Milestones

We decided that a single Project called New Site Creations would be a great way to have a Task management central hub of communication. Once that project was set up and the members were invited, it would be an on-going project to handle all of the New Site Creations. It’s a tedious task to enter 15+ tasks for each Site Creation, so, in this case, Project Milestones were used to organize each site creation while assigning project tasks.

assigning project tasks

Project milestones give you the ability to assign separate due dates to each “sub-project” and assign health thresholds for health. Each Milestone is shown on the project calendar for easy access. You can even assign separate colors to each Milestone to keep them separate on the calendar.

When you are assigning project tasks to the milestones, they take on the due date of the milestone automatically. Also, you can assign up to 50 tasks at a time to multiple Projects with a simple comma separated list, automatically assigning the due dates, the responsible party and more. Now Jason can set up his “New Site Creation” sub-projects. start assigning project tasks, and have his team up and running.