Creating A Relevant Company Intranet

Creating A Relevant Company Intranet

Even the best intranet is only as useful as its content. In order for employees to benefit from their intranet experience, both content and usability need to be relevant, updated, and easy to use. Creating a successful intranet does take a little practice, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. And MangoApps, of course, is always here to help! No matter what style of intranet your employees need, a few basic practices almost always guarantee a relevant, useful, and engaging company intranet.

Make It Mobile Friendly

No matter what line of work your organization encompasses, it’s pretty safe to assume that at least some work happens on the go. From entry-level frontline employees to traveling C Suite executives, modern work happens anywhere and everywhere. So naturally, a good intranet must be mobile. Enabling easy and reliable intranet access to workers away from the office or on the go ensures employees never go without important information and simplifies digital communication.

Embrace Your Brand

Personalizing and branding your intranet will help employees relate to it and encourage participation. MangoApps makes branding easy, with helpful and intuitive DIY options or customized branding carefully crafted by our in-house design team. However you decide to make it happen, personalized branding helps employees feel connected to the company and each other, and demonstrates the importance of a specific intranet.

Incorporate Integration

Employees need a lot of tools to complete projects and work assignments. And while comprehensive programs like MangoApps often replace typical programs, occasionally only a specific tool can take on the task. In these instances, it’s important to maintain a centralized workspace by integrating necessary apps into your intranet. When crafting your company’s personal intranet, make sure it can easily incorporate everything you need.

Ensure Proper Training

No matter how useful an intranet is, without the proper training, no one will be able to utilize it effectively. While it might take a little extra time up front, a thorough and detailed intranet training session will ensure long term results are easy to accomplish. A successful intranet experience should be an easy and productive encounter for all employees no matter their job title or comfort level with technology. 

Track Employee Interest

A good intranet will provide administrators with all of the tracking tools they need to see employee interest, gauge current needs, and establish future success. With monitoring and tracking tools embedded into the program, employers can easily see which pages are most popular, where workers spend most of their time, and what areas need a little improvement.

Conduct Different Surveys

Tracking tools also let administrators establish quizzes, surveys, and other methods sure to successfully monitor feedback and see employee opinions firsthand. Successful surveys should be deployed over a set timeline and should include clear, inclusive, and open-ended questions.

With the right tools and a little extra attention, company administrators can easily create a helpful, engaging, and relevant company intranet sure to uplift any employee. At MangoApps, we love to see long term intranet success and are ready to work with customers of any size every step of the way. To learn more about crafting a company intranet, check out What is a Company Intranet? or schedule a personalized demo with us today.