5 Reasons MangoApps Is The Perfect SharePoint Alternative

At MangoApps, we see companies every day who are discouraged, annoyed and disheartened by their SharePoint experiences. Sometimes businesses become so frustrated that they aren’t even sure if collaboration tools are worth the investment. Fortunately, however, most companies understand that SharePoint is a lot like a Swiss Army Knife. While it’s array of tools may make […]

On-Premise VS SaaS and Why We Offer Both Options

At MangoApps, we get customers all the time asking us about On-Premise VS SaaS and the total cost of ownership of our enterprise-grade deployment offerings. I was recently contacted by Software Advice and asked to take a look at their calculator and write a post about it.  I thought it would be better instead for […]

What the Microsoft Acquisition Means For Yammer Cost and Pricing

Yammer cost and pricing has become overly complicated since its acquisition by Microsoft.  If you’re confused by the change and wan to know, how much Yammer costs now, this article is for you. Yammer’s enterprise social network has gained huge popularity, largely due to its simple pricing. Yammer allows companies to try it for free […]

Why Mid-Market Firms Are Loving Smaller Social Collaboration Providers

In business, you expect the big guys to win.  Huge companies, such as Wal Mart, are notorious for putting smaller stores out of business when they come to town.  Local governments trip over themselves wooing big businesses with incentives and lucrative tax breaks.  And the Wall Street Journal recently reported how the Federal Gov’t and Big […]

Enterprise Social Networks Are Overtaking Email

Email vs. enterprise social networks has been a much-debated topic for the last few years. Some say e-mails will die, just like telefax and snail mail, however, some say e-mail is too big to ever completely go away. The creation of email did not replace telefax and snail mails completely, but it did help improve […]

SaaS vs On-Premise For Enterprise Social Network

Some other Micro-blogging solutions ignore the debate of Saas vs on-premise and only allow companies to have a cloud-based option. They believe that it is scale-able, easier to deploy and just “better.” There is no question that SaaS or being “in the cloud” is a great low-cost solution, our prices at MangoApps, prove that, but we believe that all companies should […]

How To Compare Social Collaboration Software Vendors

So your company has finally decided to embrace and leverage the benefits of social collaboration at work. Great! But how exactly do you choose from all of the different social collaboration software vendors? What do you do? Where do you start? Jacob Morgan, author of the Amazon best-seller “The Collaborative Organization,” suggests there are eight […]

5 Enterprise Collaboration Software Yammer Alternatives

If your company is looking for an internal social networking  Yammer alternative than this post is for you. Yammer isn’t always the best fit for all organization, and finding the right enterprise collaboration software depends a long on your unique needs and requirements. It also depends on the size of your organization and the number […]

Social Collaboration Software is More Effective Than Email

Change takes time and can be difficult, but change is how we learn, grow and discover alternative ways of getting things done.  This is true both for people and for businesses. Businesses are looking for a way to stay current in technology’s developments while not abandoning tried and true methods of collaboration, project management, file […]

Top 10 SharePoint Alternatives for File Sharing and Collaboration

If you have been struggling with SharePoint or are interesting in SharePoint alternatives than this post is for you.  When talking to SharePoint customers we most commonly hear that it is overcomplicated, lacks social features, is not user-friendly, lacks mobile access, requires excessive training and customization, is overprices and feels outdated.  Whatever reason you have for switching, the best […]

Why Enterprise Social Networking will Replace Email

Enterprise Social Networking Introduction: Despite the growing use of intranets, wikis, instant messaging and content management tools like SharePoint, none of these tools has been able to replace email. Email’s ability to convey anything and everything is a powerful enabler. Yet that enabler has resulted in email being overused and misused. Email usage has grown to […]

Why You Won’t Be Able to Find Yammer On-Premise

Yammer’s $85 million fundraising round this week provides further validation that enterprise social collaboration tools are gaining more acceptance as the next evolution of employee intranet.  Businesses both small and large are quickly deploying these internal social networks. But what if you want Yammer on-premise? Like Chatter, they only offer a SaaS version of the […]

Salesforce and Chatter Waste Money With Super Bowl Ads

I’m sure you have heard by now, Salesforce.com is opening their Chatter service for businesses and are spending literally millions to run ads during the Superbowl weekend. At MangoApps we honestly think that’s a little silly to see Chatter waste money like that. In 2010 the average cost of a 30 second Superbowl commercial cost […]

MangoApps Offers Companies Collaborative Email Alternatives

Stop griping about how much email we have, and instead, understand what email is actually good for, what it isnt, and and discover a better place for all those types of emails. At MangoSpring we believe there is a better place for a vast majority of business communication. That the status update is more beneficial when shared outside of an email platform. That a notice about service issues is more appropriate and more effective away from the inbox. Think about a platform where people posted status updates, shared ideas, recognized team members, provide information about projects, and indicated when they were done with a task. Those things alone if moved out of email would reduce email volume likely by 50% or more. However, it goes beyond just reducing email traffic. It is at the core of fully engaged enterprise…a culture of openness and sharing, that when adopted help make your organization be more effective and efficient…and get you access to information quicker and easier than ever before.

MangoApps Helps Businesses Go Beyond Google Wave

Ready for the a new WAVE of collaborative communication for business? MangoTalk blends together the use of micro-blogging/micro-sharing, real-time instant messaging, and click to call for voice to provide real value as a new and emerging communication platform for any type of business. At the core of the fully engaged enterprise is a culture of sharing, through which communication and value-added collaboration emerges that help businesses get work done, eliminate duplication of effort and provide visibility on activities across the business.