5 Must Have Productivity Tools For Any Businesses

The highly competitive market, today demands businesses to put in twice as much effort as they did a decade ago in order to stay afloat. As the world continues to go digital, the traditional tools of business are slowly but surely becoming impractical & outdated. Choosing online tools for your productivity workflow is a great […]

Improve Employee Productivity With Employee Social Intranet

As early adopters to an employee social Intranet and Team Collaboration software networks, we can easily look back now and see how the journey has been shaped by the product evolution and maturity in the usage that has to increase our employee productivity. We stopped using emails altogether for internal use about three plus years […]

How Great Internal Social Technology Will Speed Up Your Company

Speed up building your company’s connected culture. Employees in your company have a professional identity (profile, role in the org. chart) and contribute with their professional insights (product development, idea sharing, content creation, task delivery). Great social intranet technology provides an online place for employees to build stronger professional identities and deeper professional insights. By […]

Web Collaboration Tools Help You Get Work Done Faster

Ever feel like if only you could get in touch with your colleagues faster you could finish your task faster too? With centralized collaboration tools like MangoSpring’s MangoTalk you can stop struggling to communicate when you start using our collaboration software online. You have heard it referred to as Collaborative Software, Enterprise Business Software and Business Networking Software. But what is it really? It’s a way to get your work done faster. Share thoughts and replace internal emailing with a Microblogging activity stream, Work real time with Group Instant Messaging and set up conference calls on the fly with VoIP Conference Calling. All of this and more on your own private collaboration software online.

5 Easy Ways To Get Things Done with Task Tracking Software

According to David Allen’s Getting Things Done, our brains do a lousy job of remembering the things we need it to remember when we need to remember them. Therefore, we need and external task management system to help with task management so we can actually get things done. Task tracking does this for the business world. When corporations use task management software, they create a workflow management that in essence, gets people out of their own way. With work management software you externally create a to do list with comprehensive details accessible in a centralized location. Web task management software becomes your brain so your brain can concentrate on actually doing the tasks, not trying to remember the things you were supposed to get done.

Finally Create a Foundation for Efficient Business Workflow

Creating an efficient workflow is at the core of streamlining your business. Web task management is one way to help you create a foundation for an efficient workflow. When used to its potential, task management software offers your business access to task management tools to help your workforce stay connected, collaborative and productive.

Effective Project and Task Involvement Without Micromanagement

As a manager, the idea of involvement without micromanagement might seem impossible but when managers and employees work together and utilize the right task management tools, involvement without micromanagement is no longer a dream but becomes a reality. As a regular employee micromanaging can drive you crazy. It makes you feel like your boss considers you […]

5 Mobile Collaboration Tasks To Stay Productive While Commuting

What can you do while commuting? Well if you are the driver, try not to multi task – just concentrate on driving. But if using mass transit, using your iPhone for something more productive than justs catching up on facebook is a good place to start. You can using your task management software to stay connected when a deadline is approaching an you have more than a day’s worth of work to do but less than a day to do it. Using work management software on your mobile can help you catch up when you really need to.

The 5 Most Effective Ways To Move Business Projects Forward

Projects and tasks are the core of what we as businesses produce, so it is absolutely crucial to have the right tools. Task management tools help businesses and organizations to effectively manage all of the details created within every task and project. At MangoApps, our goal is to find a way to help businesses manage […]

Get Work Done Right With Project Collaboration Software

We are always struggling to find a balance between the various commitments in support of our projects and the business. It is critical that we look for ways to leverage project collaboration tools to work smarter, not harder, in order to get work done.

Discover Greater Productivity Through Fewer Meetings

Using an online task manager is a great way to achieve greater productivity with fewer meetings. Who doesn’t love the idea of fewer meetings? With a globally dispersed workforce a web based task manager is essential for staying organized and keeping everyone on the same page. With MangoTasks web task manager, you can facilitate greater productivity with out wasting work time in meetings. Task management software also restores the productivity of meetings because team members will be more informed and able to spend less time “catching up”.

Software Overload Effects on Employee Performance and Productivity

Chatter, Buzz, Wave, Yammer, Cubetree, SharePoint, Jive,  Bantam, Lotus and much more. These aren’t just sounds, shapes, flowers or animals, believe it or not, these are all kinds of business software. Software products today are everywhere and are constantly trying to fulfill and differentiate themselves in the space of enterprise 2.0, social media, social CRM, social […]