Creating Effective Office Communication

While companies usually focus on improving customer, client, or other external communication, internal office communication is just as important. Poor internal communication creates a confusing work environment, where employee struggle to stay engaged, accomplish tasks, and improve productivity. And without a successful internal organization, it doesn’t matter what customers hear! Products and services will suffer […]

How To Run A Successful Business With Remote Employees

The beginning of a new year is a time for goal setting and reflection, for both individuals and businesses. If your organization is still considering how to improve in 2019 than we’d like to offer an important suggestion. Incorporate or expand remote opportunities. While the idea of creating a remote work strategy might sound scary, it’s […]

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Enterprise Social Networks Collaboration

A generation back, the concept of happiness at work was alien. People went to work to work and make a living. Today, the workforce seeks to be happy, engaged, productive and do meaningful work at their workplace. Research proves that, as individuals, our happiness levels depend not on our genetic makeup, or the external realities […]

Unlock and Enhance Your Knowledge Through Collaboration

Most organizations today struggle to manage their rapidly growing volume of vital corporate knowledge and effectively. Enormous amounts of useful information are being trapped in information silos, such as email inboxes. And many companies have a limited understanding of organizational expertise or talent because the right information either is not collected in a team collaboration […]

Why Your Company Needs Innovative Social Collaboration

Sitting in the stands last week watching my son’s 2nd grade baseball game convinced me beyond any doubt that every company needs social collaboration at work.  A story of the old-way versus the new-way evolved in front of me, providing a glaring example of how inefficient and outdated our current work tools have become. The […]

Create Work Team Work Departments to Unify Communication

MangoApps is a unified communication platform with team work spaces. You have all of your tasks, updates, ideas, files, wikis and more in one place. When you think of unified communication at first you think how great it is that everything is in one place. There are many benefits to this. Search is the first […]

The Future of Innovation, Collaboration and Leadership

In June 2012, Deloitte captured the CEO Insomnia Index from a diverse range of Business leaders in order to determine the most common opportunities and challenges businesses endure. The top 3 opportunities identified by the study were innovation, collaboration, and leadership. Add in technological advancements in the mobile space, evolving workplace tools and the growth of […]

How to Measure the Success of Your Team Collaboration Tools

Evaluating the Success of your Social Intranet or Team Collaboration tool through 3 Metrix The most important part of a successful intranet deployment is, of course, having tools in place to measure success. We can’t base success on subjective feelings like, “Is it working?” and “Do we feel better connected?”. To measure the success of […]

How Social Collaboration Networks Improve Customer Service

A good customer experience is critical to a company’s success 90% of the time.” – Forester Research. At MangoApps, we believe that a good customer experience is critical to our company’s success. We also believe that the secret to providing a good customer experience is in building and sustaining the “service aptitude” at your company and individually […]

Why MangoApps Offers You the Best Enterprise Collaboration Tools

There are many choices when it comes to enterprise collaboration tools but only one can be considered the best. Few offer a complete package of collaboration applications that are usable by all levels of your organization. There are two main concepts which capture why you should use MangoApps in your organization. The first one is our […]

Make More Out of Less with Business Collaboration Tools

Everyone is looking for a way to make better use of their resources. In this economy, businesses around the globe are looking for ways to save money, consolidate, maximize collaboration tools, and of course, become more profitable. Most of us are trying to do more with less. Less money, less staff, less time. How can less become more? It begins with learning how to leverage our human capital -business’s most expensive resource.

3 Transformative Benefits From Increased Team Collaboration

Traditional project management software has been focused on the project manager, working to keep time lines, resources and risk in order. However, better project collaboration can be had if we look at new collaboration tools and take a communications approach to project management and task management.

5 Tips for Successfully Deploying Collaboration Tools

There is no doubt that with the emergence of Web 2.0 , Enterprise 2.0, and other small business software there are new, innovative ways to work better, and smarter, then ever before. However, the challenge is rarely with the technology, rather how the technology is deployed as software on demand. As we have worked with customers, we have seen a number of examples that work best when looking to deploy a web collaboration solution. So, on this Friday before Halloween, we offer these 5 tips to avoid nightmares when deploying online collaborative tools.

Experience a Win-Win-Win with Successful Open Sharing

Open sharing is at the core for future organizational cultures. Asides from traditional benefits, consider these emotional and cultural benefits that can drive positive business outcomes. MangoSpring can play a key role in enabling greater sharing between employees and stakeholder to make the work environment even better.

MangoSpring provides online community software for business to allow you to openly share your thoughts with microblogging in an activity stream, instant messaging and collaboration tools for your small business. If you are looking for a small business software that helps you with project collaboration, document management and allows you to manage your day on the go with iPhone Tasks look no further than MangoApps.

3 Reasons Why People Still Struggle With Successful Web Collaboration

Basic human nature, and less about technology, is why collaboration is tough in business. From resistance to change, to the speed of business, to wanting to be in control, people have a tough time making a transition to a collaboration environment.

When you are looking for a great small business software that is packed full of small business tools, look no further then MangoSpring’s group collaboration software called MangoApps. MangoApps suite combines the best of breed Document Management System, Project Management Software, Event Planning Software, Innovation Management technology with the microblogging and Work Management software you would expect in the best small business software in the marketplace.

Collaborative Software Designed For Breaking Down Silos

Although most businesses are organized around functional lines and optimized so that information flows in a top-down fashion, project execution almost always requires cross-functional and department team collaboration. The diagram below illustrates some of the major communication relationships across organizations or groups within a software company. Some variation of this, of course, applies to all […]