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MnagoApps Team Task Management Software collaborative task and to-do lists

Have you thought about how you manage your daily tasks or to-do lists? It’s usually something that we don’t give a lot of thought, after all, any kind of to-do list should help keep you organized. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t better methods than digital sticky notes or the traditional pen and paper. This is especially true when it comes to group projects and collaborative tasks, where teamwork and communication are essential for success. When it comes to working in an organization and accomplishing work as a team, team task management software becomes absolutely indispensable.

Team Task Management Software

Take a minute to reflect on your own task taking and to-do list strategies and styles.

  1. How do you manage your own to-do list?
  2. How do you request or assign tasks to others?
  3. How do you see what is already on your colleague’s tasks or to-do list?
  4. How are you notified when a task you are waiting on is completed?
  5. How do you share or view your colleague’s calendar?
  6. How do you share tasks with an employee?
  7. Do you have a set pattern or style for taking care of task management?
  8. Are you organizing your task management in the most efficient way?

According to our sampling, experience and a little research, we found that most people don’t have a set method or style for organizing tasks and to-do items. People who do stick to a regular method typically rely on text editors like Notepad or more traditional methods like planners or plain old pen and paper. While these tools might work alright for personal projects or simple assignments, they make team and collaborative work much more complicated than it needs to be. At MangoApps, we knew there should be a better way.  We were shocked to discover that no team task management software existed. Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes provided basic self-task management abilities, but sharing and collaborating with colleagues only using these tools was impossible.

So we set out to design a helpful, functional and easy to use solution. Something that acted as a comprehensive and collaborative to-do list, task list and task lifecycle flow toolset, specifically built around businesses. Our product needed to allow users to easily collaborate and share as teams, whether they were across the office or across the pond. We wanted colleagues, coworkers, employers and employees to be able to easily request and assigning task management, share tasks and calendars, receive updates and notifications, reduce emails, and view others tasks and to do lists. What we ended up with is even better.

MangoApps Tasks and To-Do List Software

Our fast, effective and encompassing team task management software can be utilized by small startups, mid-sized businesses, large enterprises and anything in-between. Regardless of your business size or structure, MangoApps task and to-do list software allows for truly collaborative and team-oriented work. You and your coworkers can easily access, add and assign tasks and assignments, as well as update and edit them with due dates, comments, reassignments, updates and more. Each member assigned to the task will also be instantly notified when the task status is changed, keeping everyone informed and up to date on the latest details and information. Collaborative tasks and to-do items can also be attached to a project as part of a pool. This allows team members to view all upcoming and necessary assignment, keep track of what is being done, pick up tasks from the pool or even assign tasks to other project members.

Perhaps best of all, our collaborative task and to-do lists are contained on a simple and intuitive interface and can be accessed using the MangoApps web interface, desktop application or MangoApps Mobile clients. We know that team task management software’s primary purpose is to organize, communicate and simplify so we take every effort to keep our software natural, straightforward and convenient. MangoApps task updates are fully integrated with the MangoApps feeds engine so that colleagues interested in the status of a task can get updated in real-time without the need for a status meeting or email. We believe that when utilized properly, tasks and teamwork have the ability to transform. MangoApps tasks enable true collaboration on day to day tasks, quarterly goals and long-term projects while simultaneously building a cohesive, responsible and transparent team and company culture.

At MangoApps we are committed to the improvement, collaboration and productivity of every kind of business and we know that team task management software has the ability to help make that happen. We are always looking for ways to improve the workflow and bring collaboration2.0 to everything we do on the intranet. Let us know what you think of the MangoApps to do or tasks list on our collaboration platform or social intranet and how we can make it even more useful.