Collaborative Software Designed For Breaking Down Silos

Although most businesses are organized around functional lines and optimized so that information flows in a top-down fashion, project execution almost always requires cross-functional and department team collaboration. The diagram below illustrates some of the major communication relationships across organizations or groups within a software company. Some variation of this, of course, applies to all enterprises, and illustrates and need to move beyond traditional top-down communication. At MangoApps we believe in breaking down silos established by the traditional workplace and outfitting all organizations with effecticve and influential collaborative software tools.

Collaborative software tools help in breaking down silos

The Old Method

Traditionally, cooperative team communication and collaboration happens primarily over email or at in-person team meetings. In a typical organization, a project manager or a product manager becomes the collector and dispenser of information, otherwise known as a gatekeeper. Organizing your communication through gatekeepers creates an unnecessary single point of failure, leaving the rest of the team directly or indirectly dependent on this person to get information out efficiently and to do their jobs promptly. This can make keeping everyone informed and on task incredibly difficult. Even in small companies, teams are often spread out anywhere from different areas in the building to even different cities and or countries. With such a spread out work structure, it’s no wonder that communicating effectively through a gatekeeper is so difficult. In the average business over 80% of projects are late and over budget and over 2/3rds of the projects never even get started.

The MangoApps Way

As knowledge workers, we exist in an information economy. Just like the manufacturing world, where materials, parts and inventory requirements are optimized for efficiency and minimizing costs, information delivery processes need to be optimized for greater efficiencies. This new generation of platform-centric, open collaborative software tools does just that. Instead of creating a gatekeeper of information and keeping useful information trapped in individual’s inboxes, it works by breaking down silos and making information available to all the members in real-time and in a format that is easy to digest and discuss. It enables a pull-based communication model where information is automatically delivered to every team member by creating an actual linear conversation thread and effortlessly keeping the entire team on the same page. This help to clarify and organize tasks and information without creating a complicated and annoying email tree (a term we typically use to describe when you are part of a long email chain that branches into multiple threads).

These new collaborative software tools also possess that ability to bring new project team members up to speed as they go in and out of the project. Whether they are joining to support various phases of the project or will be working on it for the long term, all the information they need is readily available and chronicled on the project wall. MangoApps knows that collaboration and communication is key to successful teamwork, leadership and success. So we encourage to you remove your gatekeepers, start breaking down silos and give the free MangoApps demo a try today.