Notifications in Collaboration Software

Real-time notifications update you immediately when the things that matter most to you occur. Without distracting you from getting your work done. A user can customize notifications in MangoApps company intranet & collaboration software to see what works best for them. We, of course, recommend choosing preferences which help you concentrate on your work, without missing anything important. Customize Your News Feeds Classifying your news feeds into primary and secondary is the first step in customizing MangoApps with what content is considered important. The primary vs the less important secondary

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Page Designer: Create & edit pages faster than ever


Creating a Page within a Collaboration Tool You might not write well every day, but you can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page. – Jodi Picoult Pages help company leaderships, department and business heads to effectively communicate company policies, benefits and procedures. A collection of pages that are well-organised provide the foundation for an effective intranet which is used often by employees. Social and Collaborative Intranets are the base for modern day employee communication. MangoApps as a product has always believed

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MangoApps and Email – Working Together To Help You!


Not everyone in your company may be logging in everyday to communicate on MangoApps. If you’re a user who logs into MangoApps, then you’re probably familiar with juggling MangoApps and email, just to communicate with everyone in your company. This back-and-forth between an open/project communication platform (MangoApps) and a private communication tool (email) restricts information flow, reduces productivity, makes you less effective and quite simply makes work just a little bit harder. We here at MangoApps believe that you shouldn’t

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MangoApps uniting email & enterprise social for maximum productivity


MangoApps is part of an integrated communication strategy. It co-exists with other valuable tools. By leveraging how these tools interact, you drive more effective behavior. If some people in your company don’t get on with MangoApps and would rather stick to email, we now have a solution that will make it possible for everyone to coexist and work together: Make users think they’re using email when they’re actually joining MangoApps. We’ve updated our email to feeds feature in a major

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What NSA Leaks mean for Enterprise Social Networks


As a provider of cloud and on-premise enterprise social networks, we’ve heard first hand the concerns international customers have about US-based cloud services.  Customers have been worried about the access the US government may have to any content stored on cloud services hosted in the USA. It seems this week those concerns have been validated as Edward Snowden, a US National Security Agency contractor, went public with details regarding the US government’s Internet surveillance program called PRISM.  Snowden confirmed the

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MangoApps Collaboration & Intranet Software Reviews through Customers

MangoApps Collaboration & Intranet Software Reviews through Customers

MangoApps Collaboration & Intranet Software Review by Customers  As part of a product development process at MangoApps, they continually ask their customers for MangoApps reviews and feedback regarding which capabilities they want most.  Many of the new features in the quarterly releases are a direct result of requests from current clients.  Client feedback is like gold, and they read and listen intently to each and every one. Rather than keeping this feedback themselves ourselves, they have shared what current users

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Why Enterprise Social Networks are Replacing Email

No email

Can you imagine a day where none of your daily interactions with co-workers involves email?  That day has already come for many companies, and if you believe the industry experts, it’s coming for all companies over the next few years. There’s a movement happening around how we communicate and collaborate internally.  Email has served us well for 20 years, however a new more efficient way to work has evolved and is predicted to replace email as the core internal communication

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Why CIO’s should Demand Active User Licensing

burn money

Active User software licensing refers to the concept of a customer only paying software licenses for those employees that actually use the software.  For those who don’t use it, you don’t pay.  Makes sense, right?  Then why is it almost no software vendor offers Active User Licensing? Instead, software vendors typically charge a license fee for each user that has “access to” and the ability to use the software “if they wanted to”.  So if I’m a CIO and make

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Why David Beats Goliath Every Time for Mid-Market Social Collaboration Customers

David v Goliath

In business, you expect the big guys to win.  Huge companies, such as Wal Mart, are notorious for putting smaller stores out of business when they come to town.  Local governments trip over themselves wooing big businesses with incentives and lucrative tax breaks.  And the Wall Street Journal recently reported how the Federal Gov’t and Big Business Squeeze Entrepreneurs.  With the deck stacked against them, small businesses are struggling to survive. But that’s not what’s happening in the quickly emerging enterprise

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Social Networking in the Enterprise – 5 tips for successful deployment

Social Networking in the Enterprise

Once you’ve sorted through hundreds of great solutions for Social Networking in the Enterprise and chosen the one right for your company, make sure it thrives when you deploy it. I have talked to many customers who have struggles with various software, especially SharePoint. They bought it, paid a company hundreds of thousands of dollars to customize it and when they made it available to their employees and nobody used it. They went through a quick honeymoon phase with a few early adopters, then

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