MangoApps Mobile Access Creates Truly Collaborative Online Software

According to a recent CMSwire poll on Information Management, over 40% of respondents considered new mobile collaboration technologies and work habits to be the biggest factor for creating change in their industries. Content service platforms and social network software came in 2nd and 3rd respectively. This perspective isn’t terribly surprising, considering how much mobile technology has changed and grown over the years. The article further states that “Mobile devices are hyper-ubiquitous. It’s not just that everyone has them, it’s that everyone has one with them.” These devices are in people’s hands all the time, and they expect to use them, which is why we’re so passionate about MangoApps mobile.

Employees in the business world are no different. They have mobile devices with them at all times and want access to information when and where they need it. With online collaboration software like MangoApps mobile, information is flowing in real time and is accessible to anyone, anytime from any device. Mobile access is why we’ve put a big emphasis on ensuring that iPhone, iPad, and Android devices have access to the information stream when and where they need it. With all of our mobile solutions, users can view and comment on updates, documents, projects,  tasks, and even chat with other coworkers.  As technology continues to move forward, we believe that mobile functionality will become a critical part of everything we do. So we strive to help you add value and contribute to better business outcomes by making MangoApps quickly and readily available on whatever device or platform you choose to use.

And while mobile is, of course, important, there is a second part of the survey response that caught our attention as well. The idea of new work habits and the fact that the way people work is also fundamentally changing. The workplace structure is changing from rigid command and control workplaces, where people are driven by fear, to open and collaborative environments where people work together to help each other and their organization succeed. Working professional today want not only information and accessibility but also for information to flow a new way. They want to know what everyone else is doing rather than be on a “needs to know” basis. They also want to share with others and help them become aware of what they are doing. Workers want a new way to help their business accomplish its goals, to feel genuinely good about their contributions, to achieve greater interaction with coworkers and management and to be able to share ideas and have a voice in how the business moves forward.

While new technology and mobile intranet solutions like MangoApps mobile will significantly improve access to enterprise information, the real game changer will be how people work, share, support each other, and trust the information that is provided. It is these work habits that will create true change.