MangoApps Small Business Tools Create Flawless Communication

When you are looking for a great small business software that is packed full of small business tools, look no further then MangoSpring’s group collaboration software called MangoApps. Available now in the Google Apps Marketplace, MangoApps suite combines the best of breed Document Management System, Project Management Software, Event Planning Software, innovation Management technology with the microblogging and Work Management software you would expect in the best small business software in the marketplace.

Signing up for MangoApps and Single Sign-On authentication has never been easier with MangoApps small business tools release in the Google Marketplace. There’s no need to remember another password, just sign in to MangoApps using your Google Apps authentication. As with any Google App, MangoApps will appear alongside your apps as part of the Google Apps Universal Toolbar.
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Extensible OpenAPIs Available

Your organization can easily extend MangoApps or even create a stand-alone MangoApps client using API’s provided through ProgrammableWeb’s online community. Full access to the MangoApps small business tools backend is made available through this RESTful set of OpenAPI’s. In fact, these APIs are used by MangoApps to power all of the modules available. Custom Applications can incorporate support for your organizations existing communication applications. Corporate workflow to exactly match your company culture can be rolled out by your developers using this complete set of OpenAPIs.
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Out-of-the-box Integrations

MangoApps comes standard with many integrations for business including user control through Active Directory, 2-way Email integration, a rich VoIP communication solution, and secure Google Authentication.

Active Directory User Control

MangoApps integrates with your Active Directory to manage users through your corporate security policy. There is no need to manually import users into MangoApps when configured to use Active Directory since this happens automatically behind the scenes. Users will be able to immediately log in using their existing authentication which eliminates the need for distributing new user accounts for your MangoApps network.

2-Way Email Integration

Existing email aliases can be utilized for incoming feed generation by customers, clients and partners that are not necessarily part of your MangoApps small business tools network. Incoming emails to assigned email aliases will be fetched by MangoApps to populate the MangoApps Main Status Feed, a MangoApps Group Wall, or a MangoApps Project Team Wall. Users can comment on any feed through email to any email address using the “Send over email” feature. This bridges the gap between MangoApps network members and non-members allowing 2 way communication around pertinent issues.

MangoApps Click-to-Call VoIP

Often it’s easier to talk on the phone about a MangoApps feed directly to the colleague, group or project team. With MangoApps “Click to Call” feature, impromptu phone-to-phone communication can be initiated directly within MangoApps to a single colleague or a number of colleagues. MangoApps “Click to Call” handles the phone bridging behind the scenes so you can quickly move from non-verbal to verbal communication saving you time.

Single Sign-On with Google Authentication

No configuration is needed to extend Google Apps’ single-sign-on capability to MangoApps. MangoApps is available in the Google Apps Marketplace and your Google Enabled authentication is all that is needed to sign in to MangoApps.
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