Improve Your Experience With SharePoint ECS Integration

SharePoint is a leader in the Enterprise Content Management platform space.  However, the best SharePoint integration offerings by Enterprise Collaboration Software (ECS) leaders MangoApps, Yammer, and Jive help you to raise the bar on productivity and when the two are used together.But what should we be looking for in the best SharePoint integration by an ECS? Let’s take a look at how to Improve Your Experience With SharePoint ECS Integration.

 Improve Your Experience With SharePoint ECS Integration.

Work Better With SharePoint ECS Integration

Does your ECN offer Single Sign-On (SSO)? With SSO, users are auto-signed-in to both your ECN and SharePoint using a single username and password.  One major advantage of SSO is that it increases the adoption of ECN interaction and visibility.  Also, users can continue to use their familiar SharePoint password without having to remember and maintain a new one.

Does your ECN work with SharePoint version control and checkout? SharePoint has always had strict version control for document management.  Users checkout documents to limit the risk of out-of-sync document versions floating around the network.  SharePoint’s close integration with Microsoft Office products enable document co-authoring and is becoming a collaboration requirement for some organizations.  Your ECS should extend the already existing SharePoint capabilities for document version control, document checkout and integration with Microsoft Office products.  The measure of the best SharePoint integration is the ease in which users can build greater communication and visibility around the documents that are in the SharePoint document repository.  In doing so, the organization becomes more productive and documents become the central knowledge source for all users that they are intended to be.

Can users stay up to date while working strictly in SharePoint? Some users prefer to see collaboration happening from within SharePoint and may never appreciate the added benefit that social collaboration networks bring to the organization.  The best SharePoint integration makes it possible for users that prefer to work from SharePoint to continue to do so without throwing any kinks to their tried-and-true workflow.  The ECS should update SharePoint users’ activity streams as well as propagate feeds into SharePoint.

How are ECS and SharePoint search results returned? Searching for information is central in both ECS and SharePoint.  The best SharePoint integration will save users time by returning search results from both SharePoint and ECS in a combined view. Can you connect with SharePoint through your ECS on Mobile? The best SharePoint integration adds an on-the-go aspect not otherwise available for SharePoint.  Mobile clients that effectively bridge the gap between SharePoint and your mobile users are one of the emerging top factors among ECN offerings.

Does your ECN complement existing profile and social aspects of SharePoint? SharePoint has limited social aspects. But being able to show the collaboration from the SharePoint My Sites, Team Sites and Office 365 views within your ECN should be an out-of-the-box option.  The best SharePoint integration will compliment SharePoint My Sites with ECS crowdsourcing profile information. With added profile information you can find the best individual for a project, task, or document.

Does your ECN come with everything you need? Some ECN solutions require a third-party plugin and complicated configurations to integrate with SharePoint.  The best SharePoint integration will come with everything you need to get connected within seconds without additional software to install and manage.

Out-of-the box MangoApps integrates with over 45 different systems including SharePoint ECS integration. If you don’t have a MangoApps account, get one for free and check it out.If you are tired of Sharepoint and are looking for a sharepoint replacement,  give us a chance to demo MangoApps to you. We are sure you will be thrilled!