Enrich Your Business with Enterprise Social Networks Hidden Features

Some of the best features of enterprise social networks somewhat unknown. Once you find these enterprise social networks hidden features, it opens up entirely new ways to communicate and collaborate with co-workers, partners, and customers. MangoApps, a Gartner 2012 Cool Vendor in Social Software and Collaboration, offers enhanced tools such as in-app video and audio blogs. In addition to all the normal features of an enterprise social network .

Mobile Video Blogging for Enterprise Social Networks

The free MangoApps Mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android allow in-app video blogs. Video blogs allow users to record a video from their mobile device and instantly share it with a group, project, or with specific co-workers, enabling mobile collaboration in MangoApps. When a user is composing an update in MangoApps, below the update box they see a video camera icon. They click the video icon and instantly begin recording video. Once video recording is stopped, the video file is automatically attached to the update and is ready to share.

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C-Level execs can use video blogs as an easy way to record quick clips to keep the company aligned with one vision. Managers can use video blogs for updates to their dispersed teams. Insurance companies might use video blogs to record and store damages to a home that would not easily capture in pictures. Police departments might use video blogs to record and save witness statements while mobile. The business use cases are endless. There’s never been an easier way to capture, upload, and share videos for work from a mobile device. Best of all, MangoApps automates the entire process. Just click on record, click to stop recording, and click send to share within your enterprise social network.

Mobile Audio Blogging

If you’re camera shy, mobile audio blogging may be the enterprise social networks hidden features option for you.  On iPhone, iPad, and Android, MangoApps Mobile Collaboration provides the ability to record an audio message and instantly share it with a team, group, or individuals. You can even use audio blogs to record your audio notes, and immediately store them in a secret group only accessible by you. Similar to the video blog, when composing an update from your mobile device, you’ll notice a microphone icon. Click the microphone icon to record an audio clip, click stop, then click send to instantly share the audio file with a group or specific individuals within your enterprise social network.

Picture of the Day for Enterprise Social Networks

Our last enterprise social networks hidden features option is the picture of the day ability. Facebook and Instagram have proven that people like to communicate with pictures. MangoApps now makes it easy to communicate with pictures for business purposes inside your enterprise social network. Companies with distributed offices can keep employees feeling connected with a “Picture of the Day” group, allowing everyone to learn what’s happening in different offices, departments, and divisions through pictures. Whether it’s the marketing or sales team seeing a picture of products being shipped from the warehouse they’ve never visited. the team in Chicago seeing pictures of the new store opening in London, or seeing the cubicles and faces of the co-workers you talk to regularly but have never met, photographs bridge any distance.

Start communicating in more visual and innovative ways with video, audio, and picture blogging in an enterprise social network.