Why MangoApps Offers You the Best Enterprise Collaboration Tools

There are many choices when it comes to enterprise collaboration tools but only one can be considered the best. Few offer a complete package of collaboration applications that are usable by all levels of your organization. There are two main concepts which capture why you should use MangoApps in your organization. The first one is our unique approach to collaboration with our Suite of applications. The second is how our collaboration tools can SAVE your organization.

Our Unique Approach to a Complete Collaboration Suite

With MangoApps you can start from a single module to solve a single pain point and grow from there into the full suite.

Enterprise Social Networking –  the best Enterprise Collaboration Tools to get your organization talking and sharing with each other in an open and collaborative way. What are you doing? Does anyone know? I need help!

File Management – Get a handle on multiple document versions and soliciting and capturing feedback on relevant documents. Quickly share and track document history. Anyone have feedback? My part is done, your turn now. Can you approve this for a client?

Tasks Management – Provide a mechanism for personal or group to-do’s so teams can see what everyone is responsible for doing. What is due? What is overdue? What are the priorities?

Project Collaboration – Organize activities around structured projects with timelines, deliverables, and milestones. Either open projects for everyone to see or closed projects for internal or external use. What is the status/health of our projects? Engage with clients and customers outside your organization.

Ideas Management – Encourage and empower employees to submit ideas around projects, business process, etc. Give everyone a voice! Users can submit ideas for new projects, new features or new markets

Team Events  – Plan and organize all of your internal and external events with a social twist. Invite internal employees and external partners Share pictures from the parties. Review training documents before and after the training.

Enterprise Collaboration Tools

SAVE Your Organization With the Best Enterprise Collaboration

With MangoApps you stay better connected to your colleagues and the content you need to be better connected in real time. There is no better way to communicate or create an open communication culture. Get the best enterprise collaboration tools that can SAVE your business with MangoApps.

Sharing – Don’t assume everyone knows what you are doing, what you have accomplished, or what you know.

Accountability – Know what you and others are responsible for, when things are due, and when they might slip.

Visibility – Gain insight on core business activities, challenges, and accomplishments that you never had before.

Engagement – Be a part of the conversation. Generate ideas, provide feedback and help the organization achieve its objectives.

The reality of most businesses is that a level of disconnect exists between employees. Generally, this disconnect results from a lack of effective communication. MangoApps makes it possible to have a connected and engaged workforce that transcends geographic boundaries and creates a platform for quick, digestible, real-time communication. It’s feasible to build a business where colleagues at all levels can communicate and contribute in the same way. Using one central place to communicate and share ideas, documents, updates, accolades, makes communication and progress clearer and more effective.