Team Collaboration Tools Should Replicate Social Success

best team collaboration tools for your organization

Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media services have influenced and enriched our personal lives in a way never before anticipated. We are now far better connected and aware of our friends, family and even the world around us. In fact, sometimes we might know a little too much about those we love! Finding and sharing information through social media is quick, easy and has even become a past time for some. Social media has also made resource distribution much simpler. A friend of mine from hundreds or even thousands of miles away can easily share with me a new blog, news story, video, picture or any other kind of information. Similarly, I can chat and communicate with people from all over the world in real time. At MangoApps, what we want to know is why have these tool become so prevalent in the social and personal sphere but not in the corporate or business world? We believe in a collaborative and successful intranet, which is why our team collaboration tools are inspired by what is already clear-cut and effective. To be short, our tools recreate in a corporate environment the clarity, convenience and fun of social media success.

Over the last decade, the way we work has drastically evolved. It is now the norm to work with co-workers and colleagues who are dispersed across offices and time-zones or whom we may have never even met.  We also work from everywhere, in the office, at home or on our phones. However,  even though the workplace has evolved, our methods of communication and collaboration at work haven’t. We still use email, bulletin Bards, Lotus Notes, SharePoint and other 1st and 2nd generation tools to try and achieve 3rd and 4th generation business practices and communication. But as the business world has been advancing, so has our technology. The abilities to effectively work together in the modern workplace, not only exist but we use them regularly in our social settings. Adapting the tools and styles of social media into our intranet and creating for our company an enterprise social network with effective team collaboration tools is the evolution of the modern work world.

Businesses are used to being the source of technological innovation. In the past, advancements in tech fields originated in the business world and were driven by businesses to the consumer. With the advancement of the Internet, this is no longer the case. The pace of innovation in consumer technology is breathtaking and businesses are beginning to fall behind in not only the development but also the adoption of these new innovations. Businesses need to accept and adapt to this change. In the corporate world, advancement and evolution is not a luxury. MangoApps knows that business collaboration and communication are the are the key to success. We help business to not only bridge this gap in technology but also to help them become early adaptors, keeping them up to date and aware of the latest team collaboration tools.

Business collaboration technologyWe designed MangoApps from the ground up to reflect how knowledge workers work now, not how they used to work years ago. We believe that by providing a tool-set that enables knowledge workers around the world to effectively share in real-time, we can form a foundation that is ready to embrace change and unleash unprecedented employee productivity gains for years to come. Want to experience it? Take a MangoApps collaboration tool demo across three platforms (web, desktop or mobile) and let us know what you think.