Benefits and Features of Task Management Collaboration Software

The explosion of industries, organizations across the world has meant that departments have started working together across the globe on collaboration portals and Intranets and employees have begun working cross-departments on multiple projects. Employees have started taking up wider roles across the organization which makes the “to-do lists” even bigger. Post-chits and notepads are a thing of the past, very insecure and completely unorganized, with no reminders or notifications it spells disaster for an employee and an organization on the whole. It is no hidden fact that no stand-alone task management software can really set the stage on fire. Although there are a few collaboration & intranet portals that have some very handy task management features along with the must-have project management, file sync, and document management capabilities but that is a topic we can look at in the future. Today we will start with looking at all the significant benefits a task management portal can help an organization with and if you have trouble explaining or convincing your boss in opting for one, have no fear this article has you covered.

We are aware there is plenty of content on similar topics, but the information this article is going to try and cover is the most essential and beneficial.

Save Paper, Save the World!

The first and most significant benefit any task management, document management system or collaboration software can provide its contribution in helping global warming and saving paper, which everyone by now knows is vital for the survival of our future generations.

Since everything is performed digitally and online, there is no need for hard paper to be printed, you save on buying paper a printer and a printing room.

Benefits & Features of a Task Management Collaboration Software

Benefits & Features of a Task Management Collaboration Software

Increase Employee Productivity

Projects can take months sometimes years to complete, and this clearly means a lot of attention is required to detail. When projects are so lengthy, there is a lot of information shared every minute, which can have a big possibility of getting lost or worse not accounted for without a collaboration task management software and can have a significant impact on employee productivity.

A task management software can help you set clear list of duties and responsibilities with deadlines and a task tracking management functionality. Task management will assist in streamlining the project which will give attention to detail along with a lot of transparency to your decision makers and customers.

Tasks Managed from Anywhere at Anytime!

The Power of the cloud on your fingertips. In today’s day and age with departments and employee spread out across the globe in different time zones and working hours, it has become essential for people to be able to work from anytime anywhere on any device with the same usability and functionality.

A task management software should have this one feature that helps you access files like word, powerpoint, excel, adobe, etc. Management software gives employees the liberty to work from home. Not run back to the office every time you forget an uncompleted task and have all your information securely backed-up online.

Benefits & Features of a Task Management Collaboration Software

Benefits & Features of a Task Management Collaboration Software

Happy Customer, Happy Life!

Create deeper customer relationships with direct customer interaction by bringing them onto your company’s task management collaboration platform. Almost all businesses face issues with customer ticket response time and other such matters a task management system helps null that as a problem. Intranets have the option of a Guest User, and organizations can add contributors, vendors, and customers then give them as much visibility as required on the project. A task management software helps keep your customers and your project managers on the same page and when an issue arises anyone can contribute to resolving the problem from anywhere while being mobile.

MangoApps Team Collaboration Software has one of the best Task Management Features. Instead of limiting yourself and buying a simple task management tool. A collaboration software which has a complete intranet with document management, file sharing, and sync, groups, calendars and directories can help an organization accomplish so much within various department processes and customer relations.

Win-Win for Employer & Employee

An employer has a complete view and control on of what an employee is working on with Due dates, conversations, sub-tasks, files, checklist & a time log for each task all in one place which gives them a micro-overview.

An employee can better prepare and manage their day-to-day tasks. With complete transparency and better chances of avoiding the “we need to talk” conversations. An employee can also give a full account and even refuse through the task management software if the unrelated work or less prioritized including work from a peer or another department is given. Each and every task can be noted with complete details which can help in appraisals and future employment references.

One Dashboard for everything

Isn’t it annoying when you have multiple tabs and window open just to complete one thing or to find another? A task management software completely negates that.

Don’t ever lose control of projects again! Check all your tasks, across multiple projects, on one screen. People are focussed because priorities across multiple projects are always clear.

Filtering and sorting options to get the tasks view that you are looking for Sorting & Filtering functionality to make viewing a subset of tasks easier and faster. Setup a healthy parameter and never loose sight of milestone status.

Delivery on time by having a daily check on the next milestone’s health. Re-assign work, add a resource, re-prioritize to always keep the milestone health good.

Benefits & Features of a Task Management Collaboration Software

Benefits & Features of a Task Management Collaboration Software

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