Using Online Task Management to Assign Tasks to Your Boss

Using Online Task Management to Assign Tasks to Your Boss

Task management software that allows online task management, iphone tasks and project and task management are becoming critical to stay ahead. Here are a few ideas to successfully assign a task to your boss.

Online Task Management

In today’s business world lines of communication and collaboration are a lot more open than they used to be. Online Task Management software is becoming critical to stay ahead.  With MangoTasks, there are no limitations to who you can assign tasks to. It is a completely open collaboration platform, and just like assigning tasks via email, you can assign a task to anyone within your organization. The task will appear in their task list and can be seen on all major mobile platforms. With this new open line of communication, comes the interesting challenge of assigning tasks to your boss. Some people feel very uneasy about this but you will find that shared online task management software can facilitate this form of communication with surprisingly little change. If you’re feeling a bit nervous, here are a few ideas on how to successfully assign tasks to your boss.

Online Task Management Assign tasks to your boss

Notify Your Boss Through IM

The first time you assign tasks to your boss, send a chat over IM. Let him or her know that you are assigning a task and why you need to assign it to them. This breaks down the shock of the task just appearing list or the possibility of it getting overlooked. MangoTasks,  along with all of the MangoApps, have integrated enterprise IM to help facilitate this conversation from the same platform you assign the task, whether that is online, with a desktop and on a mobile device.

Allow For Delegation

Make sure the Online Task Management software allows your boss to decline the task or delegate it to someone else. This allows you to assign the task to your boss and let him or her delegate it if needed. 

View The Social Task Calendar

What better way to assign a task than to view what is already on your boss’s plate. Access the calendar and see if your boss has the time for the task you are trying to assign or take a look at his or her current task list. 

Use the Project Task Pool

Assign the task to your project task pool.  Be sure to follow this up with a quick IM conversation to the person you would like to take that task on. This allows them to leave the task in the task pool for another member of the project to take on.