Are You Set Up To Support Remote Teams?

Are You Set Up To Support Remote Teams?

With smartphones, tablets, and laptops, now the new norm, the way people work is more remote than ever. Work is no longer confined to a specific space and people naturally want to embrace that newfound flexibility. For companies wanting to stay ahead, supporting remote teams is now more important than ever. So, is your organization set up to support remote teams?  

Find the Right Technology

Remote work is only possible with the right technology easily accessible to all employees. If you’re ready to embrace remote work, take the time first to the right platform for all of your different needs. Remote technology should be intuitive for every kind of employee, easily accessible on the go, mobile-friendly, and a unified, collaborative experience. A centralized system like MangoApps makes all the difference in the world when it comes to organizing documents, saving data, and collaborating with coworkers.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a staple of the remote work environment and helps employees stay connected while still working far away. Because it’ll a primary form of communication, video conferencing tools need to be high quality and dependable. As a remote workforce, you’ll use video conferencing for everything from regular weekly meetings to as needed job interviews.

Instant Messaging

When not meeting via video chat, instant messaging is the perfect tool to quickly check in with employees, ask coworkers questions, or share a file or link. Instant messaging is a subtle method of communication, letting remote workers stay in touch while still answering at their own convenience, Instant messaging is also flexible, and can include single one on one conversations, or group chats with multiple employees.

Hire a Project Manager 

Effective project managers are important in any company, but they’re absolutely essential in remote work. Good project managers know how to find the line between managing and instructing employees and giving them the freedom to work undisturbed. A good project manager makes remote work productive, efficient, and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Find The Right Employees

Hiring employees for your remote team will be one of the most important steps you’ll make. While remote work has some amazing opportunities, it isn’t the right fit for everyone. During your initial hiring process take time to carefully interview employees to assess their interests and abilities in a remote environment. A good candidate for remote work will have exceptional communication skills, strong organization abilities, strict time management, and regular accountability.

Make a Plan

As you prepare for remote capabilities, it’s important to have a plan in place workers to follow, Decide beforehand what exactly you want to get out of the experience and what kind of expectations you have of your employees. Having an outline accessible and prepared beforehand will keep everyone on the same page and align expectations.

Staying connected and supporting remote teams can be easy with MangoApps. To learn more about remote success or how MangoApps can help youAre You Set Up To Support Remote Teams?r business read How to Collaborate While Working Remotely or schedule a personalized demo with us today.