MangoApps Announces MangoApps Open API Is Now Available

With the growing popularity of our social intranet and team collaboration suite, companies and developers have been requesting Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) for deeper integration. MangoApps is thrilled to announce  MangoApps Open API for developers and MangoApps network owners.

What Is MangoApps Open API?

Using MangoApps Open API, developers and domain owners can now securely access all domain data using familiar, easy to use, RESTful interfaces. This simple integration enables domain administrators to access content generated and stored in MangoApps by their users for data mining, archiving and analysis utilizing tools already in use within the company. Developers are now empowered to extend MangoApps and create a custom web, desktop or mobile MangoApp to meet their unique needs and exactly match the workflow requirements of their business. The MangoApps Open API’s are part of the superset of MangoApps REST architecture that powers the MangoApps Collaboration Suite.

How Does MangoApps Open API Work?

The MangoApps Developer Open API package is a RESTful set of secure interfaces to the backend MangoApps content server. Each request generates an XML based response or recognizable HTTP error from the MangoApps backend server. To protect the security of your domain data, qualified developers and authenticated domain administrators must visit the administrative portal to receive an API Key and must also follow the MangoApps API specifications defined on our developer portal. For more information about MangoApps Open API please visit our developer website at

MangoApps Open API