Learning More About Mango Exchange

Learning More About Mango Exchange

At MangoApps, we believe that when businesses have the personalized tools they need productivity, engagement, work ethic, and even company culture increase. To help your organization find its perfect fit, we wanted to take a moment and introduce one of our newest slices, Mango Exchange. Mango Exchange is a modern internal communication system designed to help companies share information effectively and overcome the confusion of traditional intranet.  In our article today we’ll take a detailed look at the different benefits and features available in Mango Exchange. But before we jump into individual features, let’s see a quick overview of everything Mango Exchange has to offer.

Modern Company Communication

The Mango Exchange posts feature is one of our favorites. Posts make company communication a modern, simple, and engaging experience. With posts, employers can easily share newsletters, announcements, or any other kind of wide-reaching communication. Posts can be sent out to the entire organization or tailored to a specific group, ensuring coworkers only receive helpful and relevant information. And with a completely customizable post dashboard, users can arrange, view, and respond to content in a single, centralized space.

Posts bring company communication into the modern age, with detailed and easy to edit templates designed for every business experience. You can add, remove, or edit any post template to design truly customized content, or you can even create a new post template completely from scratch. Posts even incorporate alternative kinds of media like images, audio, video, and podcasts to keep messages comprehensive and clear and ensure employees will never be bored by a wall of text again.

Creative Group Collaboration

While posts cover wide-reaching communication, the groups feature within Mango Exchange provides individual areas for specific communication and collaboration. Inspired by intuitive social media, groups incorporate news-feeds and other familiar tools to create a unique collaboration environment. Groups give employees in the same department, team, location or project a place to share updates, post documents, ask questions, and collaborate together. Groups enable everyone to keep work organized, interactive, and up-to-date.

Unlike traditional email, groups motivate and energize employees by freeing them from an overwhelming inbox. Group communication is centered around a specific idea and presents content in a visual and intuitive style, ensuring communication is always easy. Employees will never have to search through endless emails or try or decipher confusing group messages again. With searchable and specific group communication, information is easy to find, simple to manage, and always on task.

Effective Email Alternative

Mango Exchange messages are a safe, reliable, and cost-effective email alternative. With messages, every employee can send internal one-to-one or small group communications without needing a company email address. Mango Exchange messages aren’t just another email address, but an integral part of the Mango Exchange product, helping companies avoid expensive email licensing fees and create truly centralized and inclusive communication. Messages are searchable, mobile friendly, and easy to follow, making them the perfect solution for employees without regular computer access, who only email occasionally, or work on the go.

Messages allow users to communicate internally with other employees and with administrator approved external organizations.  This ensures inboxes are always safe and secure, and companies can completely remove the risk of hacking, phishing, and any other security concern common in external email systems. When employees are free of irritating spam and sifting through never-ending emails, they finally have the time, energy, and motivation to completely focus on clear, authentic, and organized company communication.

Engage With Every Employee

The Mango Exchange employee directory is your one-stop-shop for employee information. Directories are descriptive, illustrative, and intuitive, helping you locate anyone in the organization. With deep directory searches, users can quickly find coworkers with filters like job title, skills, office locations, and even custom filter options. Directories also connect you to each user’s personal profile page where employees share both personal and professional information, strengthening work efforts and company culture.

Intuitive Management Tools

Mango Exchange is intuitive for every kind of user, and administrators never need special IT resources or programming experience. With just a few clicks admins can perfectly incorporate their company’s unique culture with brand images, fonts, logos, and much more. And all of the features in Mango Exchange are completely customizable, ensuring they match your company needs. We even make overall management easier with personalized company usage charts, graphs, and resources.

Instant Access From Anywhere

Mango Exchange was designed with mobility in mind and made to empower employees outside of the traditional office setting. We understand the struggle of floor staff, fieldwork, and on-the-go employees to communicate successfully both with each other and the company as a whole. Relying on word of mouth, physical fliers, or personal email accounts just isn’t an effective answer. Whether you work in retail, manufacturing, health care, transportation, media, or any other kind of active environment, Mango Exchange was made for you.

And Mango Exchange’s outstanding mobility is great for an office setting too. Freelancers, remote workers, frequent travelers, and even everyday office employees can now receive updates, share news, and access resources at any time. With Mango Exchange, anyone can seamlessly transition from a desktop to smart device or work completely computer free without losing any abilities or information.

Mango Exchange is the answer to overcrowded inboxes, misinformed employees, and siloed company communication. With interesting company posts, inclusive group areas, smart internal messaging, and detailed employee directories, Mango Exchange helps employees in any industry collaborate together and accomplish long-lasting success. To learn more about Mango Exchange or experience it in your own organization, contact us or schedule a free personalized demo today.