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7 Intranet Features Your Employees Will Love

7 Intranet Features Your Employees Will Love

Wouldn’t it be great to make your intranet the primary digital workspace for internal collaboration and communication among your employees?  

While an increasing number of companies are switching over to a modern intranet platform, they are neglecting to consider the most important factor to the success of an intranet, employee adoption.

An effective intranet can serve as a single space for your employees to find a specific resource, collaborate with their peers, and receive important company information. 

However, all the bells and whistles won’t matter if employees are not frequently visiting your intranet. So how can you drive high employee engagement and ensure that your employees will continue coming back? 

With over a decade of expertise on this topic, we’ve handpicked 7 intranet features we know your employees will love. 

When evaluating modern intranet platforms, be sure they incorporate the following features:

#1: Universal Dashboard

With a universal dashboard, employees can establish a quick overview of everything they need all from one location. A modern intranet will provide customizable dashboards so your employees can configure or customize their own dashboard however they please.

Examples of how employees can use their dashboard: 

  • Share important announcements company-wide and in real time
  • Review, receive, and respond to the important company news
  • Set up quick links to regularly used third-party applications

By providing your employees with a customizable dashboard, they are able to configure it to best accommodate their job responsibilities. This can go a long way in improving productivity and employee engagement. 

Intranet feature - dashboard

#2: Mobile App

A mobile app offers unfettered access to company resources and conversations and allows employees to stay connected from wherever they are. 

A mobile intranet offers convenience, but more importantly, it offers inclusion to those who previously were not able to access the company intranet while on the floor. 

With a mobile app, you can begin bridging the communication gap between your frontline and desk employees and create a space for every employee to be happy and successful at work.

Mobile App

#3: Employee Directory 

The next intranet feature we think your employees will love is an employee directory. Every company needs a directory where employees can quickly get in touch with relevant colleagues. With detailed profiles in the employee directory, you can provide faces to the names, establish relationships and collaborate more effectively with coworkers, and strengthen your company culture.

Your employees will receive access to people they may have never otherwise had a chance to connect with. This can help them feel in tune with the goals of the company and become more engaged as a result.

Intranet Feature - Employee Directory

#4: Team Workspaces

With team workspaces you can get projects across the finish line quickly and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Employees are able to seamlessly collaborate and become more productive and efficient by having a clear understanding of what their peers are working on. 

Why your employees will love team workspaces:

  • They are able to stay on the same page with their team members
  • They can quickly distribute and oversee action items and tasks
  • Improve sense of community among groups of colleagues
  • They can view a team calendar that clearly details the availability of colleagues
Intranet Feature - Team Workspace

#5: Search Functionality  

There is nothing more frustrating and time-consuming for your employees than sifting through emails trying to locate a specific resource. 

When your intranet has a modern search functionality, you can resolve this issue. Rather than looking through different tools trying to locate a specific version of a document, employees can quickly identify information and resources with a simple search within your intranet. This will improve their productivity and remove the hassle and stress associated with locating a file.

Intranet Feature - Search Functionality

#6: Content Management System 

A Content Management System (CMS) provides a secure, central space for employees to access company resources. Not only does this offer massive convenience, there is peace of mind in knowing that the resource being downloaded is the correct version. 

Rather than disrupting their workday trying to locate a resource, your employees can quickly find what they need and are able to stay on task. This improves productivity and employee engagement as they are no longer occupied with what was once a time-consuming task.

Content Management System

#7: Third-Party Integrations   

A modern intranet should represent a ‘one-stop shop’ for all employee resources and information. This means employees should be able to access third-party applications directly from the dashboard of your intranet platform. This provides your employees convenient and immediate access to any resources they need to do their jobs. 

Having a wide slate of third-party integrations allows your employees to have an uninterrupted experience by enabling them to access any enterprise systems or integrations directly from their dashboard.

Third Party Integration


There are many variables that can determine an intranet’s success. When identifying an intranet solution for your organization, think about how your employees will use it and which features they’ll get the most mileage out of.

By including some of the features we mentioned above, you can take a step in the right direction towards driving employee engagement to your intranet platform.

For further reading, check out this blog that discusses some more of the best features your intranet should offer.

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