5 Ways to Create a Collaborative Work Environment

5 Ways to Create a Collaborative Work Environment

Creating a collaborative work environment is a natural part of any successful organization, but like most good things, it’s often much easier said than done. At MangoApps, we know the importance of team collaboration and we’re proud to be forward-thinking leaders in the field. Here are a few of our favorite ways companies can get started creating a collaborative work environment

Find the Right Technology

Collaboration depends on easy communication, especially in today’s world or remote work and on the go employees. And while tools like email can technically get the job done, the more often than not leave workers feeling tired, disengaged, and frustrated. The best way for an organization to boost company collaboration is by making sure you have the right tech in place. With MangoApps’ centralized collaboration space, employees anywhere in the company always have the tools they need to communicate, collaborate, and work together.

Set Goals

When it comes to effective collaboration, getting started is often the hardest part. Collaboration requires a unique mindset and skill base. To help employees practice effective collaboration and keep everyone on the same page, establish a few goals for teams and the company as a whole. Your goals can be about hosting brainstorming sessions, creating weekly updates, establishing idea management, or whatever else you think will help coworkers start to think and incorporate collaborative concepts.

Establish Roles

Teams only work well when everyone has a place and knows their part, and collaborative efforts aren’t any different. To help employees feel connected and free to communicate honestly and openly, everyone should know what their job is and what is expected of them in the designated project, team, or assignment. Creating roles and responsibilities will help teams stay organized and comfortable reaching out and assisting each other.

Reward Collaboration

When it comes to establishing a new system, a little extra incentive never hurts! When you see successful collaboration taking place, take the time to stop and recognize the efforts and achievements of those employees. Seeing their hard work being appreciated will naturally uplift and encourage employees to continue in their efforts and inspire other coworkers to do the same.

Create Online Updates

Online updates are a fantastic way to encourage collaboration and enhance employee freedom all at the same time. With digital updates all stored in an easy to access, centralized area, coworkers can post or read updates whenever works best for them, letting them tailor updates around their existing schedule. And having time to devote to an update also means that coworkers can take their time to ask questions, provide feedback, and create a truly helpful and collaborative experience.

Use Teams in MangoApps

MangoApps is designed for communication and collaboration success and incorporates everything you need to help make it happen. One of the fantastic resources available to our clients are designated team spaces. Team areas in MangoApps are set aside specifically for the needs and resources of a specific team, giving them their own unique area to post updates, share videos, access files, ask questions, and much more.

Collaboration can feel a little frustrating a first, but with a little help and some extra practice, it’s easy to see payoffs almost instantly. And MangoApps is always here to help. To learn more about creating effective collaboration, check out What is Team Collaboration or contact us and schedule a personalized demo today.