5 Awesome Less Known Features of MangoApps

MangoApps is the most feature-rich social collaboration platform on the market, offering hundreds of features and modules that can be tweaked to suit your needs with just a few clicks. Most of you are probably familiar with common features like search, profiles, polls, and recognitions, but MangoApps features run even deeper than that. Let’s take a deeper look into the power of MangoApps collaboration software and it’s incredible potential. In this article, we’ve highlighted five things about MangoApps you probably didn’t know.

Custom Filters

In addition to the standard default filters, MangoApps customers have the ability to add as many additional custom filters as they like. This flexibility allows you to create search filters that match your business needs. Filters allow the most granular search possible, helping content stay easily accessible as more content is added over time. With an abundance of content available, keyword searches may return an overwhelming amount of results. Users can apply additional filters to their search by clicking the triangle on the right edge of the search box. You can read more about Projects and Group custom fields or about custom file fields here.

Offline Access To Saved Mobile Files 

Features of MangoAppsYou can save files in MangoApps on your iOS device and access them even if your phone is offline. To make files available for offline use just:

  • Navigate to Files & Folder
  • Locate the file you’d like to save for offline access
  • Tap to download

Your data will now be available for offline access in the saved files section of MangoApps for iOS

Dock MangoApps for Windows

The docking feature allows you to split your screen between two apps. For instance, you could be chatting with your colleague or responding to threads on your activity streams on one side of the screen while checking your email or surfing the web on the other portion of the display. Docking MangoApps for Windows will occupy less than one-fourth of your screen. Click the icon at the bottom-right corner of the window to dock or undock. By default, the app is undocked so that you can easily move it around your computer screen.

Device Management

Each user that has connected with MangoApps Mobile is listed in the Device Management Section. Their user ID, device type, device ID, last activity, and status is shown on the list. Admins can disable individual users at the device level and wipe out all of the network content on their device using the “Actions” drop-down menu. You can also initiate a remote wipe, a security feature that allows a network administrator or device owner to send a command to a computing device and delete data downloaded from MangoApps. Learn more about MangoApps Mobile Device Management (MDM) here.

Features of MangoApps

Custom Apps

Custom Apps is another one of the fantastic features of MangoApps that allows you to embed another web-based site (that allows inline frame) into your domain. Iframe provides employees “in the flow” capability within your enterprise collaboration network to get work done across many business applications. This is a quick way to meet integration’s and workflow requirements and to set the work done from one platform instead of many platforms. Custom apps can also be useful by enabling single sign-on. You can find instructions on how to set up Collaboration Software SSO for custom apps here.