5 Simple Secrets to Successful Intranet Software Deployment

MangoApps is working with companies in all imaginable industries ranging from 50 to 25,000, helping them transform the way employees collaborate within departments for their company. In our experience, the following 5 simple secrets to successful social enterprise intranet software deployment apply to industries and companies of any size.

Get Early Adopters

Have adopters and leaders to set the example of how others can use it. This can be as simple or as advanced as you want, but having leadership and key adaptors set the stage will be crucial to the further implementation of your intranet.

Show How It’s Done

Put a simple page in place with some examples (not rules) on how teams and departments in the company can use it and benefit from it.

Be Inclusive

Don’t restrict or limit social enterprise intranet software usage to just one group or a team. Enable and open it up to everyone but don’t push it as a corporate mandate. Let people discover it, invite other colleagues, decide who they want to follow and really own theirĀ involvement. In our experience, within a week or two, your entire company will be on it, no training or formal mandate required.

Trust Your People

Don’t stop an on-going conversation even if seems a bit out of place or inappropriate. If you really feel the need to do so, have your conversation it in a small or closed group (don’t forget that Social Intranet microblogging is meant to be unstructured).

Monitor and Adjust

See what works well and share the observations broadly. Once this is part of your employees daily life, sharing best practices can help increase the effectiveness of how this transformational technology can be used.

Intranet software deployment is really that simple. Think about how you learned to use email or Facebook. Social enterprise intranet software is no different. Just like we use email, Facebook etc. in different ways to get the job done, let the usage pattern naturally evolve within teams to get the broadest level of adoption and acceptance. At MangoApps, we have been using the social enterprise intranet software for over six months and can’t imagine life without it.