5 Of The Most Popular Enterprise Social Network Myths

It’s Just a Social Networking Site

Enterprise social networks are simply the next phase in enterprise collaboration and communications . Users may find them to be vital tools for staying in touch with colleagues, collaborating, and maintaining company knowledge. But they won’t use it in the same way that they use a Facebook or Twitter. Enterprise social networks are focused on business activities and solving business problems, keeping workers focused and attentive throughout the day.

An Enterprise Social Network Is Only For The Young

Even though the largest social media user base comprises of people between 15 and 35, social media is still a useful too for both the young and the old. In fact, some of the busiest users are over 55.

An Enterprise Social Network Is a Waste Of Time

A well-structured social conversation provides a great forum to gather thoughts and ideas around a specific topic when it is convenient for the participant. With social tools we can get the benefit of group think without disrupting everyone’s work day. Social is more likely to save time than waste it if used properly.

An Enterprise Social Network Is Not Secure

When taking a look at the best enterprise social networks, most offerings shows a good base set of security options. These include single sign-on, integration with company directories and VPNs, and the option to run the product inside company firewalls and not just in a SaaS mode. Control over communication and file sharing can also help keep track of how information is created and used and also ensure that only those with appropriate permissions can access information.

Social Conversations Aren’t Legal Records

We learned from our past experiences that “written conversations that play a vital role in a business decisions” fit the definition of a legal record. Enterprise social networks are one of the best ways to maintain information both formally and informally with its linear activity streams, giving more visibility to activities and easily searchable at any anytime anywhere.