4 Benefits Of A Workplace Intranet

4 Benefits Of  A Workplace Intranet

Digital tools and internet accessibility have dramatically changed how businesses interact with clients and customers. But digital tools aren’t only for external advancement, they can drastically improve the employee experience as well. With powerful and intuitive digital workplace intranets easily available, communication, collaboration, and company culture are in store for serious advancement.

4 Key Benefits Of A Workplace Intranet:

#1: Mobile Accessibility

An innovative company intranet should be mobile-friendly. It should help employees work outside the office and allow them to stay connected while remote. Intranet apps also make collaborating and communicating with employees much easier, as coworkers and teammates can quickly communicate, collaborate, and share information however they need.

#2: Information Sharing

Successful organizations have known for a while that email isn’t entirely effective. Email, especially group messages, are easy to miss, difficult to navigate, and overall just a messy experience. If you want to learn more about why emails are on the way out, check out this article. Workplace intranets offer businesses a much better alternative. With social media-styled news feeds, group and private instant messaging, and easy to follow private messages, information sharing no longer needs to be a complicated or confusing experience. Digital intranets are designed for modern, visually engaging communication and easily incorporate gifs, emojis, attachments, images, and all kinds of other important communication, making sharing information a lot easier.

#3: Knowledge Management

Employees can only succeed if they have accurate information. From job training and onboarding to company updates and industry information, knowledge management is crucial in every profession. An essential element of job training is also collaborating and communicating with other employees so everyone can learn from past experiences. A workplace intranet connects all of your employees together in a searchable, friendly, and inviting environment. With detailed document storage and comprehensive search abilities, employees can easily find important information. Workplace intranets also enable employees to ask questions and naturally learn from each other.

#4: Employee Engagement

When employees make friends and social connections at work, it dramatically increases engagement and overall productivity. But meeting and interacting with those outside of your team can be difficult, especially in a large or widely dispersed work environment. A work intranet makes the environment much more inclusive by connecting employees who might not meet any other way. Intranets also keep remote teams or distant offices in the loop, helping everyone feel supported, connected, and encouraged. Keeping an eye out for the warning signs of decreasing employee engagement is critical in maintaining a positive company culture. A workplace intranet easily allows you to closely monitor the engagement of your employees.

MangoApps’ Workplace Intranet

Incorporating a work intranet into your organization will empower and revitalize internal efforts and abilities. By providing workers with easy access to the tools, resources, and communication they need to not only work well but also enjoy their experience, employees can accomplish outstanding results in a productive and engaging environment.

To learn more about modern company intranets or to see MangoApps at work in your own company, contact us or schedule a personalized demo today.

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