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Why Social Software?

Over the last two decades, needs of workers and the workplace has evolved. The current set of collaboration tools (e.g. email, SharePoint) are outdated, restrict information distribution, create silos, and are the exact opposite of what is needed to effectively work together in this decade.

MangoApps Overview Video

Learn how to organize tabs & pages on your intranet. Intranet admins have the privilege to organize & customize the intranet tabs. Each tab is associated with a main page and it can have nested or sub-ordinate pages under it.

What is MangoApps?

MangoApps is a breakthrough product which combines social networking, team collaboration tools, and intranet pages into one. It streamlines communication, collaboration, and file sharing -- making teamwork, participation, and idea sharing within a company as convenient and efficient as possible.

Download Mobile Apps

Keep in touch with colleagues and business associates anytime and anywhere with the MangoApps full-featured mobile app. Post updates, chat with colleagues, review activity streams, and more from wherever business takes you. Learn how to download it for free here.

Adjust Your Email Notifications

Keep informed and in control by adjusting your notification settings. Modifying your email notification settings is easy. Learn how to select which MangoApps projects, groups, and wikis you would like to receive email updates on via this instructional video.

Customize Your Sidebar

Organize your most-used MangoApps tools or modules into an ever-present sidebar. Customizing your sidebar will save you time and make accessing relevant information easy, fast, and convenient. Learn how to personalize your Mango Apps sidebar via this instructional video.

Manage To-Do List

Keep on top of tasks by creating a handy to do list within MangoApps. Add important projects, errands, and meetings to your list and imbed each item with an appropriate level of priority (high, medium, or low). Learn how it’s done via this instructional video.

Personalize MangoApps

Customize the look and feel of your MangoApps portal. Choose between different color schemes and fonts -- and add your very own logo or brand. Change the network name, your favicon, and banner. Learn how to do all of these things and more via the instructional video to the right.

Follow Colleagues

In order to receive general status updates from colleagues in MangoApps -- you’ll need to be following them. Following co-workers will help you keep on top of updates, comments, and posts made by the people you work closest with. Learn more about following colleagues via this instructional video.

Invite Colleagues

Invite colleagues, friends, and clients to join your MangoApps network. Learn how to invite guest users via your widget sidebar or via the "invite colleagues" button through the instructional video to the left. Also, get tips on how to control who is allowed to join your network and how users are invited as an administrator.

Join And Create Projects

Projects will allow experts in your company to collaborate on specific pieces of work. You can create private or public projects. You can invite colleagues and outside guests to join your projects. You can also join and view other projects within your network. Learn how to do all these things and more in the instructional video here.

Like An Update

Interact with colleagues and boost morale by liking updates, posts, and comments. Or, share a post within your MangoApps network on Facebook or via email. Learn how to share and like posts -- as well as hide, flag, delete, and link posts -- via this instructional video.

Mention Colleagues

Use mentions to ensure a team or colleague sees a message you’re posting. Simply enter an “@” symbol before their name -- within your post -- and in effect, the post will appear in your colleagues “mention newsfeed.” Learn more about using mentions in MangoApps via the Instructional video here.


Communicate discreetly within MangoApps via private messages. Send a message to one or a dozen colleagues. You can attach files and photos to your private messages. Learn more about private messages and why sending them within MangoApps is a superior alternative to emails in the instructional video to the right.

Updates & Private Messages

Learn how to post updates to your followers -- or groups and projects you are a part of via this instructional video. Also learn more about sending private messages.

Uploading Files Into Projects

Uploading files into projects and teams couldn’t be easier. You can upload files from your computer, from within MangoApps (because MangoApps is a full file repository), or from an outside file repository (such as Dropbox, SharePoint, or Google Drive). Learn how it’s done via this video.

Upload Profile Image

Upload a profile image so you and your colleagues can connect face to face. Learn how to upload a profile image -- from your computer -- via the instructional video to the right. After you upload your profile photo, you can choose to reposition, zoom, and make slight edits to your photo. You can also change or update your profile image as much as like.

Introduction To Organizations

Companies can arrange their employees based on their collaboration needs into special units called organizations under one domain. Companies consisting of multiple subsidiary units or a university consisting of multiple schools are some examples where organizations would be a direct fit.

Organizing Your Intranet Pages

Learn how to organize tabs & pages on your intranet. Intranet admins have the privilege to organize & customize the intranet tabs. Each tab is associated with a main page and it can have nested or sub-ordinate pages under it.

How To Setup Organizations

Learn how to setup organizations from start to finish. In the video it uses an example of a large financial company referred as ACME financial to setup a Type - 2 "Walled Organization".

MangoApps Intranet Overview

Get an overview of the modern intranet platform that's super user friendly and easy to customize, update, and organize. See how to use the building blocks like pages, posts & departments with no programming knowledge to build and use a modern intranet.

MangoApps for Microsoft Outlook

MangoApps for Outlook is a sidebar that allows you to access MangoApps documents from inside Microsoft Outlook. This provides every business user with easy, full featured access to MangoApps from the convenience of the email client.

MangoApps for Microsoft Office

MangoApps for Office transforms Microsoft Office into a social collaboration platform where you create, edit, and author documents in real time. This provides every business user with easy, full featured access to MangoApps files inside Office -- with ability to author documents, slide decks, and spreadsheets.