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Technical Specifications

MangoApps setup can scale horizontally and vertically. We have tested the system with 1 million simultaneous users (one person being followed by over 1M users). Please contact us for detailed system architecture, systems requirements, specifications, and any other detail that may help you make an informed decision.

A wide range of options are available to address security needs of organizations from healthcare to government.
  • Private Cloud and On-premise deployment options
  • SAS-70, Type 2 data center
  • All data is encrypted during transit (256-bit SSL)
  • At rest encryption of stored data
  • Granular, application level, security focused configurations
  • Fully automated configuration management
  • Data retention, system backup and disaster recovery process and policy
  • Active directory based user authentication
  • Detailed user and system access logs
  • Information access policy
  • MangoApps has been tested and can pass security vulnerability scans and requirements (for example: QualysGuard)
On-Premise Deployments:
Ultimate security for enterprise with behind-the-firewall deployments.
  • Easy installation and setup (you provide the server, we do the install)
  • On-demand, zero-downtime, software upgrades over a secure VPN link
  • Number of required nodes/hardware depends on size and nature of the deployment. Contact us for recommended server setup guide
Private Cloud Deployments:
SAS-70, Type II certified, redundant datacenter
  • Four different, SAS-70, Type II certified datacenters (Choose from US, Europe, Asia, or South America)
  • High availability setup spread between multiple datacenters
  • Automated, zero-downtime, configuration and application upgrades
  • Physical and Logical separation between customer data
  • Regular security and systems audits
  • Completely managed
  • Contact us for additional details
Typical Hardware and OS:
MangoApps scales both horizontally and vertically. A typical hardware node has the following specifications:
  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  • 16+ GB RAM
  • 100+ GB, fast, raided HD
  • Quad core CPU
  • SAN for file storage
Required Ports: **
** If you have enabled email, active directory, or other system integrations, ports configured for those services must also be open on your server so that our servers can reach them.
Technologies: MangoApps is built from the ground up using latest and greatest open technology stack (RoR, Java, Linux) to bring social software innovations to you faster & cheaper.
  • Ruby On Rails
  • J2EE
  • MySQL
  • jQuery Javascript Framework
  • Apache2
  • Memcached/MemcacheDB
  • HAProxy, Monit, OpenVPN, Postfix and few other, high quality, open-source systems
MangoApps Private Cloud customers can configure a backup schedule from admin interface. In addition, all data is immediately exportable via secure download at any time XML format from the admin interface.
  • Regular, Scheduled backups
  • One-time backups
  • XML Format
Connect, share content, import data, and extend functionality through smart integrations with:
Please see Integrations for complete list of systems MangoApps integrates with.

End-User Focused Details

MangoApps is compatible with all the modern web browsers including:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.x and higher
  • Mozilla Firefox 4.x and higher
  • Apple Safari 4.x and higher
  • Google Chrome 8.x and higher
  • Opera 10.x and higher
Mobile: **
Native, feature-rich, mobile clients are available for all the popular mobile platforms including:

** Mobile access can be enabled or disabled per platform from the admin interface.
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
Desktop Application: **
Adobe AIR based application available for platforms including:

** Desktop client access can be enabled or disabled from admin interface.
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • MacOS
Real-time notifications:
Activity notifications are updated in real time (less than 3 seconds) using push-style architecture across all devices and platforms for the following:
  • Group messages
  • Online Presence
  • Status update
  • Project messages
  • Task updates
  • Document Activity
  • Idea Posts
  • Wikis & Blogs
  • Event Planning
  • And more...

Fill out the form below or Call +1-425-274-9950 and we will get right back to you.

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