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Signing Off & Signing In: MangoApps bids Goodbye to a great 2017 and ready to Welcome what will be an awesome 2018

The year is coming to an end and so other great year at MangoApps this year was a paradigm shift in the way we use to operate with the introduction of Monthly releases. This not only helped us release new features to customer faster but also keep introducing new technologies and picking up small projects at a greater pace.   MangoApps as a product this year had some great feature introductions: March’17 • We introduced one of the most discussed

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Announcing MangoApps 12.4

Hey There, Here is the list of items in our November 2017 release.  This release is a bit smaller than other recent MangoApps releases but still has plenty of enhancements, UX improvements and bug fixes that I think you will find useful. Enhancements for Domain Administrators: This release adds the following key enhancements for the domain administrators: Advanced configuration settings for all SAML providers New notification control options New admin setting to enable URL shortener Ability to enforce different time-periods for Touch

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RSS Feeds-Reader and beyond


What is RSS? RSS is commonly referred to as Really Simple Syndication. It is a format used to publish content that is regularly published like a blog or news headlines. I would define it as a method to keep up with their favorite blogs, news sites, and other websites.  Anyone can choose the sites they wish to subscribe to, and then get updates in one centralized location. In short, RSS helps you to get content from various places and centralize

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Announcing MangoApps 12.3

Hey There,  I am back with MangoApps 12.3 (October-2017) release notes (sorry this is a tad bit late due to Diwali holidays). We are constantly adding new features and experiences that you love and value; it’s one of our main pillars here at MangoApps. Our October,2017 release is no different.  It has something for everyone –  cool new features, UI improvements, new APIs and bug fixes. Key Features for Domain Administrators – This release adds 3 key features & controls for domain

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Announcing MangoApps 12.2


As you may have noticed, we have been working hard to bring new capabilities and improvements to MangoApps on a monthly basis. This release is not different.  Our goal with September release, once again, was to continue improving UX & add focused capabilities. Here is what’s packaged in this release: Web updates: The web interface of MangoApps in this release gets Chat as a full module, new UI for Intranet posts, new capabilities for dashboard widgets, 4x faster document upload, 25%

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Announcing Mango 12.1

We’re excited to share with you what we at MangoApps have been working on in August, 2017 release. Our goal with this release was to continue improving MangoApps user experience & add as many of the most frequently requested capabilities as possible. Here is what’s packaged in this release: MangoApps Web Features & UX Improvements MangoApps iOS & Android Enhancements MangoApps Desktop & Mac Enhancements New Controls For The Domain Admins Bug Fixes MangoApps 12.1 will go live in US Shared Cloud Data Center on: August 31st,

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Mango 12 is Now live

We are excited to share that Mango 12 is now live for all shared cloud customers (six different datacenters). Here is a summary list of awesomeness we have added to Mango in the last few months. With enhanced functionality and ease of use, Mango 12 will continue to modernize the way work gets done. Here is what’s packaged in this release: Launching Smart Reminders Introducing Recurring Events Introducing Anonymous Surveys Introducing Personalized Notification Management Milestone & Task Improvements Web Interface Enhancements

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Ideas in teams – Validate, Discuss, Implement

You have a brilliant idea; you have a gut feeling that it would revolutionize your business. You think the idea would solve the company’s pain points of increasing sales, decreasing costs, improving employee productivity or even improving the process but you would always need a helping hand to validate the idea and later help with implementation. The major problem is how efficiently you can share the idea with minimum effort while worrying about its stages and implementation. MangoApps understands this issue customers

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MangoApps 11.5 is now live

In MangoApps 11.5, we have added ideas and campaigns module in projects, groups, departments & opportunities (crm), made mobile clients faster along with improving the UX of news feed and addressed issues around high desktop CPU & connection handling on native clients. Overview of Release 11.5 Ideas & Campaigns Module in Projects, Groups, Departments and Opportunities MangoApps for Windows & Mac Enhancements MangoApps for Mobile Enhancements Bug Fixes in this Release This release(11.5) went live on the five MangoApps Shared Cloud Data

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Mango 11.4 is now live

In MangoApps 11.4, we have integrated MangoApps with Office 365 to make viewing and editing of office documents in the browser and on iPad super easy, built specialized employee applications to enable your organization to meet employee learning (Quizzes module ) and employee feedback (Survey module) use cases, added productivity improvements via noise reduction, per-team notifications and enhanced the files & wikis UX experience on iOS and Android mobile clients – all this to make corporate communication and team collaboration

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